trust score

  1. Lucas Br

    Daily Limit of Friendship Request on Facebook?

    I used to manage multiple accounts on Instagram and now i'm trying to learn more about Facebook algorithm, my intention is to send CPA Dating links to targeted friends via Private Message. The question is once i've created a bunch of accounts in a proper method, how much friendship requests i...
  2. S

    Low DA and trust score websites

    Hi, so i was paying for SEO through Upwork for a long time but have nnow moved across to BHW forum SEO offerings. with this my SEMrush shows that over 3/4 of the links shown for one of my websites have a Page score of 0 and Trust Flow of 0 with this will i see an improvement on this website...
  3. TBolts20

    Factors affecting Trust Score??

    Hi everyone, Ive been searching for a detailed explanation of the infamous "Trust Score" and been able to piece together some info, but was wondering if I could get some clarification. Heres what Ive found: Essentially it seems like this is the balance of how much Instagram believes you are...
  4. stonedpepe420

    (Question) How do you regain trust from IG if your account is flagged?

    Is there anyway to get my account "unflagged"? Perhaps I have to increase my trust score? If so how do you guys go about doing this?
  5. blackhatgorilla

    [POLL] Do you guys trust each other?

    So because the main BHW User is some kind of "anonymous", my question is if you trust other BHW members without knowing him/her? No matter if you buy something or agree to a partnership, I'm sure there are a lot users which have trust issues. BTW: I had good experiences so far, but in some...
  6. Imranul Sazzad

    Need suggestion to raise Trust Score

    Hello Folks, I'm trying to setup a Brand on IT Services niche. Right now I'm working on SEO and building links for my website. I need some expert suggestions to raise trust score of my website. Can anyone please describe me that how does trust score work & how can I raise it. Any sort of...
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