true story

  1. See Gre

    Wife ditched husband over $700k. A true story. Need your opinion.

    As one of my friend was ditched by his wife. She behaved in front of him that she was not interested in S..X and asked him to have relation with some other girls. She herself found some girls for him like tuition teacher of her child, her friend, her sisters. Not only this but also ditched him...
  2. SlickSocials

    [NARKOZ/hacker-scripts] Based on a true story :)

    Well i found this one long time ago wanted to share with you guys, went literally through the entire site didn't saw any mention about this one here, maybe some of you will find this kinda amusing, Drop your thoughts, how crazy would you go to automate your own lives? :) Hacker Scripts Based...
  3. AssadBabil

    Road to success...