1. Jookar

    TRON Future ? what will be the next ATH ?

    As we can see, Tron is currently struggling with the oversold situation. WHAT will we except TRX to a new time high This year? Any Altcoin Expert here who deals with more Alts than Bitcoin? Do we have chances to hit $1 this Year? P.s:- Do I hold TRX for Long Term or should I sell it if I have...
  2. chris19

    Anybody buying TRX here

    Been going through the forum lately and I haven’t seen any tron related thread. What am I missing?
  3. L

    7Finance (SVN) Token | New Defi on TRON Blockchain | Is it Safe to Invest ?

    Here, The New Defi Application on TRON Blockchain is 7Finance (SVN) Token. While i am on Research of New Altcoins, I found This Token. This Token is under Sale and Completed First Stage Sale, And Second Stage sale is Runining. This Token is Listen on VINDAX. Here what i found is In there...
  4. CoinCasso

    BitTorrent with own token

    BitTorrent releases its own token named BitTorrent (BTT). Its goal is to increase the download speed and improve some torrent related functions. As Justin Sun announced when BitTorrent was bought out by Tron – BitTorrent was and will be free. Source by: coincassogroup...
  5. partyush

    With Tron MainNet launch, bug bounty program goes live

    Tron Bug Bounty program that offers the reward of value ranging from $100 to $100,000. Anyone who finds any loopholes or bugs in the new MainNet of Tron that is now available for download on GitHub, gets to claim this reward. The time frame set to find the bugs has been set before the launch of...
  6. LostKing

    TRON (TRX) that is my 100% choice for 2018!

    So guys the Tron is rising, I think some of you already know what is Tron TRX. Last night was ar very good and successful night TRX rise +32% And on Binance took first place in 24h trading volume tonig, overtaking XVG. The Tron in my opinion is one of 2018 must have coins, it had good goals...
  7. renepaolo27

    CryptoKitties: I have five Gen 5 and earlier kitties, now what?

    I started investing in CryptoKitties a few weeks ago. I was able to earn a couple of ether through siring it. However, I have to pull my earnings and invest it to Tronix TRX. I completely forgot about the charges for putting it to auction. Should I re-invest in CryptoKitties again?
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