1. mattoflawrence

    How to best receive money from China?

    Hello, good people of BlackHatWorld! Does anybody knows a convenient way of receiving multiple $5-10 transactions from China with minimum commissions? Basically, I want to avoid taxation. Therefore, I am looking for the way for my clients to pay with less commissions and for me to stay under...
  2. drissWazahri

    Paypal => payonner transfert

    Hello Folks I want to ask you guys if someone has faced the same problem before, I have a paypal acc linked with my payonner bank acc and i used to transfert money from paypal to payoneer and that took me one working day to receive them in payoneer, but this current week i have made 3...
  3. Tbrook01

    Question About Money Transfers

    If a friend of mine starts sending me money via Western Union (between $500-1000 a week), are those transactions going to be reported for tax purposes? Just curious if I need to be concerned about a paper trail catching up with us, or if 1000 a week isn’t really enough to turn heads. Will our...