traffic generator

  1. MrT131

    Why do you use traffic generators?

    Hey Guys, today I saw a advertisement on BHW for a web traffic generator but I don’t know really much about websites and traffic. So I’m asking myself for what people are using these traffic generators....I thought that they maybe are scamming as networks or something but I’m not shure. So...
  2. I

    Does Traffic bot or Traffic generator helps SEO?

    Hi Black Hat World! Does Traffic bot or Traffic generator help SEO? I read somewhere that website traffic with low bounce rate helps google ranking. So I thought tools lie traffic bot which generator clicks to website might help SEO. Does anyone have some idea or experience on this one? Many...
  3. theobath

    Website Auto Traffic Generator - Any opinion ?

    Hello Everyone, I was looking for a software able to simulate traffic to positively increase the stats of my website (it's not adwords or stuff like that). After many research I found this one called : Website Auto Traffic Generator He seems to do everything that I...
  4. ahadarzi

    Diaboliclabs is good tool?

    I have done my researches to find out the best and cost-effective traffic bots. Finally, I decide to buy diaboliclabs software to increase my website traffic. But some of them give bad reviews for this software. So, now am in big confusion. Is there anyone using this software? Is it the good...
  5. ahadarzi

    Best Traffic Generator Bot?

    Hi, One of my clients just needs only traffic to their website. Is there any best traffic generator bot you know? I need the best one.
  6. A

    Traffic generating software WANTED; Each visit from a unique IP

    I’ve been looking around the forum (and other sites) for a traffic generator that can fulfill the following criteria: -generate direct traffic (as in type in) for a large number of sites -each visit should come from a different IP and should be random -a visit should not be longer than 10...
  7. martinkook

    Best Automatic traffic generator

    my friend launched a new ppc site and he was asking me if its ok to run automatic traffic generators and which ones are the best to use. Since am new to seo i did not know what to tell him. Any tools or advice is much appreciated.
  8. M

    Daily or Weekly Earnings for Traffic Generator IPRNs

    Hi Partners, We provide International Premium Rate Numbers. International Premium Rate Numbers are those numbers on which certain services and price higher than normal are charged. We have exclusive destination with exclusive payouts. You can choose your payment term by daily and weekly...
  9. P

    How to get instant views on YouTube vidoe

    Hello, Anyone can let me know that how to get instant views on YouTube videos with the help of black hat SEO techniques. Thanking you.
  10. tvm77

    Diabolic Traffic Bot :: Endless Traffic for Life

    Powerful Traffic Bot Boost your Views, Stats, Impressions, Votes, Likes, ... Boost your stats! You're dreaming about an infinite flood of visitors from all around the world? You want to increase your views with one single click? Then Diabolic Traffic Bot from Diabolic Labs is the software you...
  11. K

    Need traffic generator ad safe plz help

    hi, i want traffic generator that can generate 20k visitor traffic daily any one knows where can i get it . thanks
  12. wilsjac1

    How people on fiverr providing ulimited traffic

    Lately on fiverr i have been seeing a lot of people advertising that they will send unlimited traffic to your site for a month or some even 2,3,4,5,6 months, are they using some sort of software to keep up with all of this? i cannot imagine that they are delivering the traffic manually gathering...
  13. M

    Auto Blog w/ Unique content + Traffic optimizer (plugin guide)

    Hi, I just want to share this method for all the member of this forum. This is my first thread so I will make sure that you won't forget it and make it on the top. Using this guide in PDF format with 1.81MB size you can automatically post unique content and also you can optimize free traffic...
  14. S

    [GET] TrafficTwisterV3 Free, generate unlimited traffic to your sites!

    You can fake the referrers, generate hits by proxies (download of proxylist integrated into bot or load your own ones). Bot was made by me, now shared with all the BHW members. Enjoy! Virustotal 0/46...
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