traffic generating bot

  1. JimmyJones7

    Send Simulated Traffic to blog - with specified location

    Hi I'm looking for ways to send traffic to my blog that will allow me to generate ad revenue from platforms like Adsense and MediaVine. I need something free that will allow me to send thousands of fake users through various pages of my website from a specific proxy location. Does anyone know...
  2. Raunakdope

    Are there any uses of jingling bot now a days

    I have a VPS so I was wondering is their any way I can make money using jingling bot 24/7 I tried using it with adfly and adpays didn't worked Is anyone using jingling to rank videos/sites or for making money
  3. A

    Traffic generating software WANTED; Each visit from a unique IP

    I’ve been looking around the forum (and other sites) for a traffic generator that can fulfill the following criteria: -generate direct traffic (as in type in) for a large number of sites -each visit should come from a different IP and should be random -a visit should not be longer than 10...
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