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  1. V

    Got My post on First Page of Reddit, Server timed out due to crazy traffic

    Hey, So i made an movie news related autoblog and thought of sharing a post of the same on reddit, little did i knew that it will get on the frontpage of sub reddit. Later i got mail from the server company saying huge increase in load on the server due to very high traffic. I think i am gone...
  2. Z

    Can someone give me tips to improve my website SEO??

    I've created this website with some friends few days ago. Posted to youtube and pastebin about it :p:p, but seems like no one is visiting. We post content based on visitors request, but since no one is going there, how can we post something. We just don't want to post something that no one is...
  3. C

    blogs were to put comments with the an url where are they?

    I'm looking for blogs were i can comment posts with the url link, for usa trafic can someone give me a list? please
  4. A

    White Hat SEO Tricks to increase traffic to my blog

    Hello friends, I'm new to blogging and recently 2-3 months back i started a blog named "Tech-Storms". I need help from you people to increase the traffic to my blog.. Please give some useful suggestions so that there is an increase in my blog's traffic.. Thank You
  5. K

    Good Morning Introduction - New to Black Hat World

    Good Morning All! My name is Katie and I'm not only new to Black Hat World but I'm very new to internet marketing. I have a website focused around food, wine, travel and culture with excellent content and I'm trying to learn new ways to monetize the site. I was referred to this site/forum by a...
  6. C

    KillerTraffic Resources at Traffic Statistics on blogger

    I really want to let others know about Traffic Statistics on BLOGGER. I ran up on this blog searching for traffic resources and discovered this blog called Traffic Statistics. They have this one article on there called 10 ways to drive traffic to your website that was really helpful.This is...
  7. kbklash

    EASY METHODS to get enough traffic and for start doing SEO

    Hi BHW,i have been here from a bit long time,i learned so many things from here,i corrected some of my mistakes also and still i am very studious and strong.I am not an expert seo master or IM guru yet,still I actually have done some things within the recent past that worked good within my...
  8. imguy

    [WTB] Cheap 100% Safe Adsense Traffic

    Hey, I am looking for cheap traffic which 100% Safe for Adsense. And I will make payment via moneybookers or plimus. I am looking for long term business. If you can fulfill my requirements then please PM me. 1. Your traffic must be safe for Adsense. 2. You can provide me blank referrer...
  9. S

    I have a list - Recommendations on best way to blast

    I know there have to be services here on BHW and elsewhere that will manage an email blast for me on a one-time basis. I have combination of lists that exceeds 1.5 M that I would like to leverage for a one-time mailing to drive traffic to my site. I cant just load them in outlook nor do I want...
  10. H

    How to Boost traffic with $0?

    Hi guys, Im a newbie in moking money from the web. It's been a while that I joined this site. So far I learned a lot from here. I applied some of those in the first blog (ht**tp://newtech-releases*blogspot*com) I have made just by now. What I want to know is, How can i have quick free...
  11. M

    Am i doing it wrong?

    Hey, first of all i'd like to appreciate the way you help people with all the issues they face regarding SEO, blogs and almost everything. Thumbs up to all of you for being such a great support for everyone. I started my blog this year in Feb, and its been three/four months now, i post 4-5...
  12. D

    Are you using adsense? Read this - jv -

    If you are currently using Adsense for your blogs/articles/link farms or general websites and have a significant flow of traffic, I would like to talk to you. I can guarantee you that MY METHOD WILL MAKE MORE than Ad Sense For example, if you're making 100$ per day now on AdSense, my method...
  13. jamarlove007

    How can I accumulate traffic for a porn blog?

    I been busting my brain and wasting my time trying to bring traffic to a porn blog I created an few months ago using blogspot. Now all the similar porn blogs that out their get massive traffic so i thought if i go the same route that it was easily to attract visitors, but oh no not for me. Do...
  14. topsytips

    Drive Extra Traffic Using ALT Tag and Google Images

    Whilst we all seem to be rather obsessed with getting to No.1 on Google, I can't help feeling that some of us are overlooking the benefits of the ALT tag and Google images search results. In the last week or so I have been setting up a series of semi automated blogs but took time out to...
  15. R

    Fake Traffics to Autoblog!

    hi, i have setup an autoblog for about a week, i use the traffic generating technique that this guy told in three days i got around 3k traffic (all fake) as it is showing on my statpress plugin. i got index by google in 1 weeks but just around 4 result of my articles(still not much articles...
  16. X

    What Are The Best Places To Submit Your Blog

    I must have found thousands of places to submit your blog and i've seen a little bit of traffic.What are the highest traffic places places you guys have found to submit your blog to?
  17. X

    Don't Use Content Rewriters

    There are trillions of sites online.And if you were to rip out all of the duplicates online you would have way less than half of that.Now everybody online is scared of Google.But if you think of it,look at how many sites that are on google.How many employees do you think they have?They cannot...
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