traffic 2018

  1. RealDaddy

    [Guide] How to generate massive traffic from Google Images?

    Hello, After reading the title you thought "Oh! same shit" But actually, it's a bit different - Google Images Yes! we always talk about the Good old SEO. But nobody ever talks about Google Images. # Keyword Research Anything related to images or graphics or emotion. For ex- Happy...
  2. emvam

    Bot traffic

    Hello guys, actually i'm looking for a free bot or cheap bot for traffic, can anyone suggest me please. TIA
  3. Amer Alkathiri

    Is There Any Way I Can Get Free Traffic?

    So I have a website but struggling in getting organic traffic does anyone have a method to generate free traffic.
  4. C

    Glad to be here

    I own a couple different companies that have proven to be very lucrative for others, Yes I said others I own and run SEO and traffic generating companies that will increase your bottom line both short term and long term. leave me a message if you'd like to make more money now!
  5. ialmahmud

    Google Last Update

    One of my Amazon niche site hit with Google last update. Oct-16 Update. Can any one please clarify me about the oct -16 update, Didn't find any trusted information regarding this. Thanks in advanced.
  6. Costelus

    CPA Adult+ Twitter | Success Journey | 350.000+ followers

    First of all let me present. My name is Gabi,I'm 17 years old and live in Europe. I LOVE BlackHatWorld because this forum changed my life. How that ? From here I have learned all I know about affiliates and now I'm making around 1.000$/month profit (pretty much in my country ,especially for a...
  7. RandomX

    How to target Tire 1 Country traffic being in Tire 2 country?

    I want to build a website targeting for Tire 1 country traffic while residing from Tire 2 country, How Google will consider ranking this website for the targeted country? Also What are all Do's and Dont's to target for the specific country? Kind Give your answer from your experience. Thanking...
  8. Danny Crypto

    Where to get girly/mommy traffic?

    Earlier there was a website regarding mom blog and there was a method I've read in here on this BHW forum, from where the person was acting like other mom and was selling through Amazon. I need that kind of traffic so if anyone still knows about the sources from where I can get girly/women...
  9. K

    Help : Targeting 500 visits

    Hello there BHWs I have a new amazon affiliate website that has 15 blog posts and I want to start sending traffic to it, I am looking for high quality free traffic that I can get in a short period of time. Note : this is my first website so I would appreciate your help.
  10. hunter_killer

    [ JV ] Your Android Apps + My Traffic = $$$

    Hey guys, Hunter Here! I run a quiz website with around 1M pageviews daily. Most of the traffic is from India. I am looking for someone who's good with android apps to build apps and I can put banners on site and ask users to download. PM me and we can take it further.
  11. FaizanAnsari

    Jeuxvideo - Anyone Know About Other Traffic Sources Like Jeuxvideo

    Anyone knows about similar traffic sources like Jeuxvideo I need more traffic sources like jeuxvideo if anyone knows about this so please reply me or PM me Thanks
  12. therealsearone

    How to run multiple scripts with trafficbot

    Guys, i need a little assistance, i know there are a million cries for help regarding traffic bots so im throwing myself at your mercy. I have supreme traffic bot, and obviously i can make a file of urls and send the bot there and it does it thing but it looks bot like. So......... i made a...
  13. jefis

    Reddit-Twitter Master Method: Guide to Massive Traffic

    Have you ever wondered how could you turn Reddit traffic and profit from it every day, which doesn’t include writing unique articles and PPC advertising? Learn how I made steady income with Reddit for the past one and a half years with NO website and NO investments! For the past one and a half...
  14. samtradax

    Which Traffic Converts best?

    I want to understand how to optimise my traffic and conversions better. I have found twitter performs well with cpc actions & that most website visits from twitter do not convert. Facebook seems better for cpa & affiliate signups & most website interaction is better. Pinterest i'm still...
  15. Ketpar

    Is there anyway to make $300 per month quickly using blackhat?

    I am newbie and and I have not much fund to start. is there anyway to start making atleast $300 per month. Is there best way to earn using blackhat. I ask for blackhat because I think whitehat has not quick result.
  16. stuna

    Rank Higher In Google In 2018 By Increasing Your Click Through Rates - TODAY!..

    NEW UPDATED - 2018.. Stuna Traffic Bot PRO v3.0
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