trading forex

  1. Snqke

    Forex Signals Group?

    Hello guys, any one know any suggestions paid telegram or discord group that share siganls any make good monthly ROI? Thanks
  2. B

    MQL5 programmer needed!

    Hi, I am looking for someone with programming experience using MetaQuotes Language 5. If you are not experienced enough with MQL5 but are experienced in programming, we can still talk. I will probably need a demo from you to verify if you can commit to this, as I may need you from time to...
  3. smm jacopo

    Mass dm's Feedback

    Hi, i'm interested in 20K Instagram DM's service what kind of response would i expect from it? i have a Forex Trading page on Instagram and currently have 1410 followers.
  4. Kondo Lee

    Get verified as a pro Trader in Europe? how?

    I want to get approved on my broker as a pro trader so I could trade with higher leverage, but these are the requirements: Have you carried out transactions more than 150 EUR per transaction in CFDs (or Options) at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous 4 quarters? Yes No...
  5. slickbrick

    What's the best course on Trading?

    So.. I'm curious. My 2 best friends are making trucks of money with Forex Trading. They do "work" 4-5 hours a day, which is cool. I saw them reading, analyzing and "playing", but I don't really feel like asking them to teach me since I always told them I thought it was a scam. They also...
  6. imonboss

    [Expert Option] Trading Platform that steals your money

    Are you guys planning to trade on expertoption? Hear me out! Don't! These guys are fucking scammers. Since last November I have started trading on their platform. Since then I have created more or less 7-8 accounts. and lucky me, I managed to make $300+ in each account with a deposit of $50...
  7. Edvard Benk

    Combining SMM with FX trading?

    Quick backstory: I've been into Technical analysis/Forex for almost 4 years now, and been botting on Instagram for almost as long. The entire time the two never made me wonder if I could make them work together other than being one of those retards "selling signals" or "premium guru membership"...
  8. Bryanbeta

    [Journey] Forex Trading 100 Month & 500 in 3 months

    Introduction Hello Friends my name is Brayan haha common name xd I am in Forex 2 years ago but I leave it for reasons I have now returned and I want to share my achievements or lost one of two! My Trading Goals: . Earn 100 Dollars Monthly x 3 . Win 500 the 4 month . Win 1000 in 6 months...
  9. kribis

    trading forex

    hello BHW im new on forex trading iwant to do my first step its to learn trading forex so guys pleas recommend me best courses and the best youtube chanel that i can learn from and ebooks comment with your best courses+youtube +ebooks to learn from thankss
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