1. C

    Does anyone earn on Tradebit?

    I'm currently surfing through various platforms, tradebit seems to be still quite popular among buyers. So I wonder, does anyone of you still make money or uses Tradebit? It's all about content you can buy for a relatively low price. So if you have lots of content available...It sounds like a...
  2. A

    how to find affiliates for our software on tradebit

    hi money makers, we have a great software that everybody wants and needs. We sell it on tradebit for two months now and all sales came from our own website. That means we were our own affiliate. About 100 visitors lead to one sale here. That is an amazing conversion rate. The commission is...
  3. M1ndfluX

    Tradebit stats?

    Is there a way to track visitors statistics on tradebit? Can't find it anywhere and i have a feeling that is has to be there somewhere :D
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