1. M


    I am trying to send trackbacks/pingbacks to blogs for generating tier2 backlinks. But can't seem to find out how it can be done in bulk. Because Scrapebox isnt able to send any successful to the AA list I have scraped. I am sure that these blogs have AA pingbacks, because they are almost spammed...
  2. twistedtrick

    [Giveaway] 2000 Free Trackback Links

    Edit: Closed now.
  3. J

    Latest Solution! Premium Video Backlinks <<SpEED RANK>> 2 Tier! Social, Wikis, & Much Moar

    Video Creation Service Media has always played a strong part in all sorts of businesses; the main reason is media uses two mediums images and videos. Both of these mediums do nothing but pass on your concept easily, all of your target audience get your point of view quite easily. There is No...
  4. S

    10,000 Scrapebox Backlinks for $5! - Free Lindexed Submission - 24-72hr completion

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz" 10,000 Scrapebox Backlinks for $5! Free Lindexed Submission! I'll get...
  5. Bostoncab

    Trackbacks do I turn em on or not?

    Trackbacks do I turn em on or not? I never understood if I wanted them on or not? If I leave them on do people get to post spam on my site?
  6. L

    Where to get good SB lists

    H i there! :) Im wondering where to get good Scrapebox lists. I was mebmer of scrapeboxlist dotcm and all4scrapebox dotcm and Im serching something better. Does anyone know about similar/better services? Im interested in AA/Trackbacks/FP etc. 4 SB.
  7. mindmaster

    Free 500.000 Scrapebox Blast - First 25 people

    Ok guys, just finished scraping new list and the blasts for this week, and one scrapebox is sitting idle for the next few hours. So I thought to share with 25 bhw members a blast of 500.000 unique urls. Each one of the 25 members, get to blast 1 URL and 1 Keyword. This means that each one will...
  8. kytro360

    Trackbacks vs Blog Comments

    I am planning to blast my Tier 1 links with some backlinks but I am stuck between trackbacks or blog comments. Which one has more value in Googles eyes and which one is worth going after more?
  9. memme

    Comment Backlinks Service - High MOZ PA/DA / Low OBL / Do-Follow

    We are serving our customers with backlinks since 2012. Very fast delivery !!! (usually <1h) We think most of you already know us. If you don't here we are! presents: Who we are? I am sure that most of you already know Blackhatlinks. We offer link building from 2012. We...
  10. M

    Free ScrapeBox tool - Convert fast poster urls list to trackback format

    Hello all. Dont know how many people will find it usefull, but heres a small app i wrote in .net to convert a standard fastposter urls list Eg: {anchor1|anchor2|anchor3) {anchor1|anchor2|anchor3) {anchor1|anchor2|anchor3)...
  11. T

    I need a TrackBack Blasts Service

    Hello, I have a website that is in the skin care niche and i need a mass trackback blasts from relevant sites linking to my site. My site is almost 3 years old and has page rank 4. My site has 30 000 backlinks, And I have a goal to get 500 000 backlinks to my site within next 4 months, I am...
  12. S

    I will send $100 for the first member who shows me the clickable anchor "TrackBack Excerpt

    Hello, I want to promote the several sites once with the trackback comments, and for this I need to put the anchor text in the TrackBack Excerpts from ScrapeBox. I used this code to make a few tests: <a href="" title="anchor text">Anchor text</a> and does not work...
  13. W


    Are trackbacks a good way to improve ranking for a site? Are there any free trackback submitters?
  14. L

    Free huge list of trackbacks / referrals

    I'm sharing my old lists of trackbacks and referral urls. Hope somebody can find some use for them. I haven't tested these in a while but the list is huge so you must be able to find some URLs that are still working.. I'm guessing that the refs list is going to be of a higher quality than the...
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