torrent seeding

  1. P

    Torrent not seeding!! Please Help!

    Hey everyone, I'm having trouble seeding a torrent I created. I admit that I'm a bit of a noob but my ultimate goal is to acquire funds via PPD surveys using torrents. I let my newly created torrent seed all day and all night and I have nothing to show for it....It could be something really...
  2. SnakePliskin

    [GIVEAWAY] IP Torrents Invites - Recurring monthly

    Upon purchasing credits from IP Torrents, I have accumulated some invites. They renew every month, so I will be giving them away in this thread each time they do it. I don't really have any requirements, just members who do not have an account there already. The reason I am posting this...
  3. F

    Question: Why is utorrent stuck at 0.0 kB/s? Tracker=

    I need to maintain a 0.7+ download/upload ratio so I really need help!
  4. I

    Torrent Instructions Needed

    Just getting to understand what torrents are and have Googled various videos and other instructions but have not found much of the information needed according to doing some of the Black Hat methods. Can anyone recommend where to find videos and or instructions that cover some of the Black...
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