1. B17zr

    Topics/Categories Suggestions

    Edit: i found what im looking for if a mod saw this thread, can delete this thread or close it Appreciate it
  2. Julian Brockmann

    What do you think about my topic finding method?

    I think I am speaking for everyone when I say I don't want to write in vain. By that I mean writing posts that hardly anyone sees and affiliate links that are not being clicked and where nothing is being bought. I have 3 blogs. I used to use the autocomplete method and then choose topics to...
  3. GideonKe

    Today I read the forbes list and started questioning blogging as a business model

    I am using the "Income School" - Approach. I am starting to doubt whether I don't waste my time with that. I am writing about topics that are being searched for and season my posts with affiliate links. But I think: I am investing a lot of time into research, write something that is open for...
  4. xpesos

    Daily Trending Topics in every major Niche - DomTrens

    Get Fresh Trending Topics in more than 20 categories and 60+ Countries daily. 30 Days Refund Policy Contact: [email protected] Skype: xpesos FAQ Q: How many Trending Topics do you get in a day? A: You can get around 20000 to 40000 in one day. Q: Can I upgrade...
  5. Max Kirschner

    [Content Marketing] How do I make much more people come to my site?

    My current method is: Enter Niche Keyword in Google Get the table of search terms at the bottom Create topics T1 out of them Enter Niche Keyword in Google Get autocomplete terms Create topics T2 out of them Write about T1 and T2 Wait for people to come to my blog Point is, they basically...
  6. Airzak

    Help me get straight to the point

    Hi again, So yeah, it's almost 24 hours here and i really like it i loved the feedback on my first thread, thanks to whom have replied to me. Anyway, i want to get STRAIGHT TO THE POINT of why i'm here, which is making money, and i want to ask you about the most common and easy ways for...
  7. P

    Freelance newbie

    Hi everyone I'm a freelance newbie on writing and graphic branding. I am not very familiar with SEO and php coding but i work hard on these topics. This forum look so full of awesome resources, so happy to join :D
  8. B

    Finding Direction [Help!]

    I have a site set up. I’m a freelance writer as a side hustle. I’m looking to blog. I blogged many years ago for an already established reader base when I was graphic designing but when I stopped GD, I stopped the blog. I have a site that, while I haven’t posted or listed it anywhere, is...
  9. tatijan1

    The greatest blog?

    I wanna find a blog that includes a wide range of topics: traveling, sport, sex, books, lifestyle, education, marketing, etc. BHW is mainly on marketing and other big forums are also topic-oriented. Any advice (apart from WordPress)?
  10. trainee2015

    video gallery by niche or themes

    Hello folks I hope you all are doing well Does anyone knows youtube channels or video gallery by topics, let's say I want to promote fragrances or toys, in fact I just need short videos. Thanks for your help.
  11. W

    Facebook Trending Topics

    I've been able to find very little as to what fuels Facebook's trending topics. Is there any recommended reading / tips on the subject? Many, many, thanks in advance!
  12. clickwhale

    [SEO] How tightly (related keywords) is tight enough?

    Without wasting time... I have 3 topics/groups of keywords, which are in the same niche, lets say, video games. Let's assume the keyword groups are: 1) assassins creed (and related keywords) 2) world of warcraft (and related keywords) 3) prince of persia (and related keywords) Now should I...
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