1. GoodGuy77

    Question about Tooltip Execution

    If I have tooltip with image in it. Will the image loaded when website loaded. Or when user hover to element which have tooltip in it.
  2. W

    google auto correcting my keyword to something else?

    So I have a jquery plugin called wTip, When I type in "wtip jquery" into google search, it automatically auto corrects the spelling to "qtip jquery" which is a popular tooltip plugin. Is this gonna screw me, should I just rename my plugin to something else? Anyone have experience with...
  3. T

    Need help with sweetTitles.js

    Heya, Looking for javascript gurus. I have sweetTitles.js, but need a little tweak in there which makes it possible to display clickable links in my tooltip. Currently the tooltip disappears the second the pointer is moved on links (be it text or image links). Will pay 10 bucks for making it...
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