tools comparision

  1. Hostinglogy

    Which cyber security tool should I go for?

    Recently I was discussing the problem of cyber security with one of my colleagues. He said, " Cyber security tools play an important role when it comes to the protection of sensitive and private data of businesses as well as individuals." Something in those lines, and this I absolutely agree...
  2. Genie100

    What tools are you using?

    Hi! What tools do you use to maintain your websites that you highly recommend? Obviously AHREFS, SEMRUSH. but what else? Tools for SEO, writing articles, grammar, analysis..... Thanks!
  3. 99lives

    Has anyone tried Cognitive SEO?

    I've been looking for a tool get important SEO insights from customer's websites. I use and love screaming frog, but I'm thinking in a simple, automated tool, that's gonna give me info without me actually looking for it (cause SF is great when you know what you are investigating). Any opinions...
  4. KartikJha

    [urgent] SproutSocial basic plan and Hootsuite team plan?

    Hey guys, My requirements mostly are scheduling a lot of posts on different social media (LN, Twitter, IG, FB to be more precise), monitoring keywords, and exporting social media report. The SproutSocial plan here and Hootsuite team plan here are priced same. Request your guidance asap :(