token sale

  1. IncomeAdventurer

    ICO telegrams and other chats

    What do you guys who invest in new ICOs look out for in chats like Telegram and discord Some chats are so quiet but still got a bunch of investments in them
  2. IncomeAdventurer

    Press release on Asian news sites?

    Hopefully I'm not posting in the wrong place but does any one here does press release related to crypto / token sale for Asian news sites ?
  3. A

    Pindify to launch an ICO on 20th November 2017!

  4. E

    Render Payment ICO

    Official Token Sale Start Date: 10/16/2017 ( Pre-Sale Running Now ) Official Token Sale End Date: 11/30/2017 The introduction of this white paper and ICO presents an opportunity to introduce the Render Payment Ecosystem to the world. The vision that will be presented has been stirring in my...