1. S

    Tinder Shadowban

    Hello guys. Tinder is a real pain in the ass right now. right now Im creating account and it doesnt get me any matches which means it got shadow ban. HELP. 3 months ago I was using an LDplayer emulator and it works fine, using vpn on the emulator and Im going to create via gmail, and then...
  2. V

    Tinder help? (Creating account, always shadowbanned)

    People here have lots more experience in this field. I'm unable to get a fully working tinder account. Everytime I create it, I get no matches. despite virtual machines, proxy, etc. If anyone has a solution or would want to work together, please let me know, tinder's really messing with me!
  3. Koilashwow

    Looking for solution

    Hey. can anyone help me about Tinder. am here looking for tinder update method. i do tinder to snap work. everyday when i crate account i got like i got much match everything is okay but when i went to chat with traffic i got shadow banned or id goes to ghost. what is the solution for it. i do i...
  4. mrakter8022

    Help for Tinder Traffic Convert

    Hi, we are daily 5k+ tinder to Snapchat traffic generating but problems is conversion for failure....... Please any one give me proper solution for profitable or profitable option ........ Any way pm inbox
  5. F

    [JV] My OnlyFans / Premium setup your traffic

    Converting traffic is our thing, if you are looking for someone to maximize profits together let me know! Are you affiliated in the adult niche for a while like me? We have a decent variety of models at disposal and a team of inside chatters to handle the clients. What are we looking for? -...
  6. OmnipotentUmbra

    I got Tinder + hot babe, but what now? Growing personal OnlyFans account

    I got my hot babe, we live together, it's legit - she just started an OnlyFans acc, lewd only (non-nude) I'm new to all of this so excuse my incorrect use of the nomenclature here. This is the Tinder 'funnel?' (Instagram link in the Tinder bio -> Linktr.ee link on her Instagram -> OnlyFans...
  7. A

    Tinder to snap adds

    If you searching tinder to snapchat adds. Feel Free To ask Me. How can I help you. Your regards. dis ClarckAdision#5321
  8. C

    Selling Tinder/Hinge Profiles

    I'm selling Hinge and Tinder profiles for anybody that wants them. I charge $200 for a regular profile and 230 for an upgraded profile. Email: [email protected] Phone number +1(310)(801-6895) Refund policy: If for some reason you account doesn't last 24 hours, I'll replace it or give you a...
  9. M

    [CPA] How Do You Promote On Tinder?

    Anyone mind sharing how you promote on Tinder now to avoid shadowban?
  10. M

    [ HIRING ] HQ Leads Generation For Adult Dating CPA

    Hello reader... hope you are doing great! As you can see in the title, I need someone to generate HQ leads for the adult dating niche. Recently my account on the network was closed because of low-quality traffic (the users were not paying on the site, and the only one who was profiting was...
  11. A

    Tinder to snapchat adds guideline solution #2

    HQ FRESH SNAP CHAT ADDS THE OPPOSITE OF TINDER Guide line Solution Skout , Pof, Meetme Snapchat Guaranteed number of adds! guideline solution if you don't get any tinder adds on your snap then this is for you I hope this is help you on your cpa and money making non-stop Premade or Preloaded...
  12. shushing

    Help with Tinder

    Hi, so my normal method was smartproxy + firefox portable but i seem to get banned now when i create accounts. has this been patched and is there another way to create accounts without getting banned?
  13. bestonline223

    Canadian Phone number portal

    Hey, I am looking Canadian number portal i have more clients so i need bulk number support Please can refer how to manage this portal please pm
  14. jskieezz

    Australian Sms Verification Code

    i need to get one verification code sent to an Australian number to complete my sign up for Tinder. I have no budget.
  15. A

    Tinder to snapchat adds guideline solution #1

    HQ best geo location tinder traffic problem all around . We tell you some secrete tinder snap adds , Many Snap Adds Re-seller, provider provide bad geo location traffic Many Fake lead/adds then you can not profited properly . But if you found a good snap adds provider guy then you can make...
  16. A

    HQ Tinder to snap chat adds convert it $

    You can make good money from Tinder to snap chat adds . Now a day tinder is very difficult to make a new account . if you buy 3rd party account provider tinder to snap adds then its better work . but now another's problem face snap account locked :weep: many seller replace it and that's the...
  17. Luksa998

    Help with tinder bot?

    I need someone to help me with tinder bot, i have no experience with tinder, but i have exp with instagram botting. I will pay, that isnt problem. I want to learn how to create new accounts on tinder without ban, shadowban :) Thank you in advance
  18. jskieezz

    Tinder Sms Code

    Hi, I’m looking for a “fake” number I can send a verification code to for tinder? I’ve came across some but I need one for an Australian number. thanks :) (Banned for no reason)
  19. N

    Adult Marketing with Tinder & Okcupid

    Hi, I developed Tinder and OkCupid bots. It's swipe and send messages automatically. I don't know how to monetize it with these bots. I have a couple of ideas and want to know what do you think about that. 1. I was planning to promote OnlyFans accounts but I didn't found any content creators...
  20. M


    guys do any of you have any experience with ASB Tinderbot?