1. N

    Looking for a tinder/bumble bot that scrapes bios of and finds snapchat/ig usernames

    As title suggests im looking for a tinder/bumble bot that scrapes bios of and finds snapchat/ig usernames, i know they exist already out there but i can't find them. I attached a pic, that is how they should look..
  2. D

    Looking for someone to help me with a bumble / tinder farm

    Hi I’m a of model . I want someone to create accounts for me then I want to funnel traffic from tinder / bumble to my IG > OF on multiple profiles I have no idea how to do this and I’m looking for someone I can pay to do this for me on a regular basis . Get in touch !
  3. J

    tinder multipole accounts

    Hello, I'm looking to guidance for Tinder traffic. I know how to create multiple Tinder accounts and generate lots of traffic/ads. But i don't know how to use those traffic and making money through these ads. If anyone can help me please let me know at tg: @hqtraffic999
  4. R

    Tinder Unlimited Account 2024

    I'm gonna start again Onlyfans agency. I have source for unlimited tinder account and traffic for making crazy money. If anyone can guide me lmk asap. TG @rronhq
  5. bxxtarri

    Does OF Agency pay better than Dating Smartlinks?

    Hello guys, I'm searching for better ways to monetize my adult traffic, have been using smartlinks but i want to try something else. I see people talk about OF Agency, and i want to know if they pay better for 80% Tier 1 traffic USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. I can provide statistical...
  6. U

    50$-100$ per day from funneling people from SnapChat to OnlyFans

    At the moment snapchat killed most of the competition out there, no more bots and no more spammers, to be honest it's like a mine of gold for people who know how to funnel people I am promoting my snapchat account first for 1-3 days and then I start chatting with users If you are a good...
  7. L

    Tinder Boost

    Hi guys i just wanna ask something about tinder boost. I have atleast 500 likes on my profile then everytime i used a 2hours boost it will redirect me into capcha. after i solve that 1-3 capchas No likes and it will cancel My subscription and it will be refunded on my account. Can you help me...
  8. lio7887

    Tinder only fans

    Professionals are working on dating apps for me. They are extremely knowledgeable experts on Tinder, Bumble, Reddit, Pof, and Badoo, and they are the group I put together. I would like to limit the use of this service to fans who are considering launching a new company. You can contact us if...
  9. A

    Tinder Bio - Tips & Suggestions

    Hello guys, I'm currently finding a way to funnel my tinder traffic towards Instagram. Tinder is not allowing any social link on the Bio anymore. Can you give out some suggestions/tips that worked for you? Aside from direct messages.
  10. K

    Tinder traffic (OF model)

    Hello, first time posting here and not just lurking around. I started running Tinder as a traffic source for my OF model, but for some reason, it's a constant on and off. On avg., I got around 4-7 paid subs a day, but on other days, none of my accounts work and get sb immediately. I am looking...
  11. B


    Hi there, I’m looking to hire someone who has IG, TikTok, tinder, Reddit bots to promote onlyfans models. If you don’t have them I someone who does but need someone to run them for me. - creating 100s of accounts on IG, TikTok, tinder and setting up ai to messages and direct them to mother...
  12. CritikalKhilo

    My journey to $300/day on OnlyFans using dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, Badoo).

    Hello BHW, I started my onlyfans agency a few months ago. Currently, I'm generating $3000/month with my model, and today I want to share my journey to $300/day on OnlyFans through full dating app integration. Throughout my OnlyFans journey, I focused 100% on traffic acquisition using dating...
  13. D

    Introduction BHW

    Hello. Great forum here. Thanks I registered because I found this forum while doing some research on Tinder-Shadowban. I am working on my digital ebook guide for Tinder which I want to advertise on Instagram. I have little to no experience in this regard, however I think I know a lot on how to...
  14. Slorm31600

    Search Dating App (DA) emulator Onlyfans complete method

    Hello, I am highly interested in acquiring a solid method of dating app on emulator. Feel free to contact me directly on tg: @pablo31000 Thank you very much
  15. truvahorse

    ✅ Tinder | LIVE Accounts| WolrdWide | Avoid Shadowban| Female / Male ✅

    TINDER ACCOUNTS -FOR SALE- -PRE MADE BLANK LIVE ACCOUNTS- -AVOID SHADOWBAN- -EASY TO HANDLE- -FAST LOGIN VIA EXTENSION- VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVKTGWuVtfE&t=151s PRICE 6$ per account -PAYMENT IN CRYPTO TRC20- REFUND POLICIES We promise that if there is any problem with the...
  16. TINDER BLKHT.png


  17. truvahorse

    My future journey..

    Hello everyone, I want to share my new chapter in my journey with you. I've decided to become a "JR VIP" member on our forum. Iam planing to sell "TINDER" pre-made blank accounts,which i have a lot of experience. I believe this membership will open doors to my desire...Write bellow what do you...
  18. GameNiche

    OF / Fansly - LF Help for Automated Advertise [ Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Twitter, Reddit and More ]

    I am currently looking for someone who can help me automatize the advertising of 2 Models, they both already have fansly and onlyfans, however, we are struggling with bringing the traffic. What do we need? - Scalable solution to bring traffic to our Model Accounts If you have any offers feel...
  19. D

    Extention/Bot for Dating Apps on Web

    Hey, im looking for a Coder who can create a Extention for Dating Apps in my Case Tinder and Bumble. You need to know how to encrypt and the re-design the Overlay. A Plan how to set it up for my Members would be awesome aswell.
  20. D

    Extention for Dating Apps

    Hey, im looking for a Coder who can create a Extention for Dating Apps in my Case Tinder and Bumble. You need to know how to encrypt and the re-design the Overlay. A Plan how to set it up for my Members would be awesome aswell.
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