tinder accounts

  1. A

    Tinder to snapchat adds guideline solution #2

    HQ FRESH SNAP CHAT ADDS THE OPPOSITE OF TINDER Guide line Solution Skout , Pof, Meetme Snapchat Guaranteed number of adds! guideline solution if you don't get any tinder adds on your snap then this is for you I hope this is help you on your cpa and money making non-stop Premade or Preloaded...
  2. K

    Are you having problems with newly opened accounts in Tinder?

    Whatever method I tried to open an account in Tinder recently, after opening the account, I always see the phrase "There’s no one new around you". Distance, age and location settings are normal. Various methods I used to open an account: 1- fresh ip, cookie clean browser (tinder web), fresh &...
  3. B

    Can some one please help me with tinder marketing?

    I've created a bot for tinder, yet can not figure out how to register accounts without getting shadow banned to save my life. Can anyone help me? Willing to pay to by tinder accounts. Willing to pay for IG follows through tinder marketing.
  4. saiyan zoobie

    What offer to use for Tinder traffic?

    Is there anyone who is using Tinder traffic and doing good? I have found the way to use how to run account on various dating sites like Tinder, Happn and others. I just want to know which offer converts best for tinder? Can I send link in tinder chat for instance my LP link? Maxbounty...
  5. W

    how to make multiple tinder profiles

    the tittle say it all, anyone here know how to make without shadowban ? i only have 1 iphone and a laptop , that all , hope u guys can help me , i can invest up to 300$
  6. Pranto

    PVA or tokens for Tinder Daily

    Hello, I'm looking : - Good PVA service for Tinder which gives no blocks for accounts and also good stock everyday - I'll buy it all at once. - Tinder tokens reliable prices. 0.90$ is not reliable price for me so don't waste time offering this. Thank you! Contact me here on PM please.
  7. joncash

    I need help For Tinder Token.

    Can anyone say that I can make Unlimited Tinder token using any number or anyone can give tokens Unlimited Every day .
  8. johnhustle007

    Where can I find a legit Tinder bot or CRM

    Hey secret agents, I’m looking for a tinder bot that I can login with my 10-50 Tinder plus accounts to handle the swiping & messaging for me on auto! Messaging should have a time delay Messaging should have a span text (to upload 1000+ different welcome messages) Login (I should be able to...
  9. hfinfo


    Hi guys I am facing an issue with tinder from past 3 months, I am not getting response from tinder like earlier I use to get. Now when I run tinder on my tinder bot it doesn't get any response like earlier , I tried almost everything but I couldn't find any solution , does any know whats...
  10. Dashboard 00$

    Tinder Giveaways

    i will send 2-3 tinder for each client . must have to pm
  11. S3CRET

    Tinder accounts

    Im looking for Women Tinder accounts with tokens! Ill buy up to 50 if good price. Trusted members preffered.
  12. B

    How Can I Cange Location Without Tinder+

    Hey so i'm not sure if this is the appropriate section to post this question, if not please just tell me. I'm working on some simple tinder marketing and I need to be able to change location without Tinder plus, the problem i've faced though is that GPS spoofing doesn't seem to be enough as...
  13. A

    I Want To Buy a Tinder Bot ASAP!

    Hey BH fam, I want to buy a basic Tinder bot today! Features: Uses Facebok ID to login. Auto swipe Auto responses (Spintax support) Handle multiple threads Spintax support Send message blast to every match Time delay on each feature to make shit look more realistic. Hit me up on skype...
  14. SMS24

    Hi Everybody!!

    Hi all Online new and old person, earner and earning way looking person all person Thanks I am new In BHW foram but long time working in social media , but i am looking way for my office work. any can sugest me how can i good earn and run my office please
  15. Asmall71187

    A Lot of Tinder Tokens Needed - ASAP

    Hi guys I need a long term supplier of Tinder tokens, and I need a few thousand of them supplied daily. Ok if you cannot supply all of what I need, but please don't reply if you do small volume. Here are my terms: -Tokens need to be phone verified -Token need to come with Facebook ID and...
  16. torrentyoda

    Where to buy quality phone verified Tinder accounts?

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a LOT OF quality Tinder accounts to buy. They will move across the whole world, so they need to be high quality, built up with pictures and healthy FB profile. Where can I buy these?
  17. A

    Tinder accounts needed

    Who can create custom tinder account's; bio, photo, maybe job title I need a few 1000's good price!
  18. J

    Looking for PVA Tinder Accounts

    Hey there, i know there are already so many topics out there asking for the same thing. I am looking for PVA Tinder Accounts. I need around 20 to start with and will need around 50 a week after that. No pictures needed on FB. It would be great being able to pay in BTC. Please drop me a PM...
  19. Blare

    Your Tinder Accounts My Tinder Bot

    Looking for tinder suppliers to JV with. I have a tinder bot. We split profit 50-50 $70 per sale, pays weekly. Every monday, I can pay paypal or xoom.
  20. V

    Tinder account creation - 200/week

    Hello, I'm looking for Tinder accounts (with fbk account and SMS verification). It will be a job on a weekly basis (near 200/week) Requirements : > 3 pictures of same cute girl PM me with your offer + Skype id Thks