tiktok bot

  1. SMMTribe

    Coder wanted for Tiktok automations

    I would like a bot that auto creates tiktok accounts, auto posts videos with it's caption hashtags etc. and repeat.
  2. yesmenotyou

    Looking for a Tiktok Bot on Android emulators

    Looking for a bot that can post on multiple accounts on android emulators. Where could I find such thing?
  3. M

    Tiktok account creator bot

    i want to buy a TikTok (web) account creator bot with proxy support and a profile image upload feature message me for offers
  4. C

    Mass Tiktok Downloader (No WaterMark/HD)

    Does anyone have or can create a mass tiktok downloader and scraper that can remove watermarks? I am looking to be able to target through hashtags. Let me know below or PM me.
  5. Raiderklvn

    Looking for a working TikTok Downloader with HQ/No Watermark.

    Hi I'm currently looking for a script/program that can do the following: - Download all videos from Tiktok user - Video must be downloaded in HD and with no watermark Please check https://tikmate.app/ as reference since this is the one I'm using at the moment but this site can only download 1...
  6. A

    Free Automatically Follow And Like Video On Tiktok

    very simple tiktok macro to follow/like users/videos, use with random interval so it looks like normal user's activity tiktok follower macro is the best tool for easy and quick tiktok follow. it will follow people on tiktok while you're away. you can set min-max interval between follow action(...
  7. D

    [WTH] Software developer, Reverse engineer, Mobile apps bots developer

    Hi, I'm looking for a person who's able to reverse engineer complex apps APIs such as latest versions of Tiktok or Snapchat and build multithreaded bots. I have a proper monthly budget ($$$$-$$$$$) for a right person. I prefer long term partnership rather than a quick buck here. Let's discuss...
  8. T

    Does someone know a SMM Panel to buy TikTok comment upvotes?

    I'd appreciate it, I've checked most famous panels and they don't offer that. Thanks
  9. slighty

    ⚛️ Tiktok Services Affiliate Program ⚛️ | Up To 30% Lifetime Monthly Commissions | By Fueltok

    More detailed explanation about our service can be seen here. Steps: Register an affiliate account here. Wait for our approval (1 day at most). Once accepted, you can start promoting our service. Use our analytics dashboard to track your performance. Any additional questions leave a comment...
  10. Periculum

    Tiktok's _signature parameter

    Hello! I am currently developing a Tiktok bot. I have gotten myself in a bit of a pinch with the _signature value they require when posting a request to their site (Commenting, liking, etc) Currently I have gone through some of the JS which loads when you get on the site, but I have had limited...
  11. G

    Looking for a TikTok Bot

    Hello Community, i am also looking for a (low pricy/free) TikTok Bot with the following features: - Auto DM to all new followers - Auto Comment - Auto Like - Auto Share - as a plus: Video download without watermarks I have already searched Github, most of the bots there either don't...
  12. C


    Hi guys, I guess am posting in the correct section. I just started tiktok automation, rolling out contents already, at the moment uploading 2 videos per in our account, but i wish to know the following Please, where can i buy an affordable tiktok account? here in the forum is ok too. And...
  13. C

    How to automate tiktok ?

    Hi , so I’m looking for an automation software/bot like jarvee ( Cannot find a correct pirated version of it ) . Why ? Because I need 2 features to automate : 1 - FOLLOW/UNFOLLOW ( To Gain Subs ) 2 - Mass Video Upload ( Video Bulking ) . I have a loooot of pre downloaded content but I have to...
  14. G

    TikTok Bot - Suggestions

    Hey everyone, So I created this TikTok bot that can auto post videos I have already downloaded on my PC. The thing is I get no views at all. This happened even before I started to use this bot, maybe because I tried to mass follow some users. I think my account got shadowbanned or something so I...
  15. E

    Shadow banned on TikTok

    I’ve used multiple accounts on my device for watching videos ( stopped posting a while ago ). Made a new account like 3 days ago and have been posting very consistently. My first video has like 450 views ( and is increasing weirdly ). The videos after all have decreasing views. 50, 40 30 20 etc...
  16. D

    TIkTok account shadowbanned need help?

    Hi, I posted a new video about 9.hours and only got 2 views and can't see it on hastags. I think my account has got shadowbanned, as about 5 months ago I made my first account and and it was getting around 1k to 2k views per video. Than the one video got removed and I started lossing views...
  17. anton609

    How i've been farming TikTok accounts since last Summer (My step by step strategy & goals) #BOOMERS

    Hey, guys, as we all know Tiktok, is the new platform everyone's talking about, I still remember it was winter of 2018 a friend of mine showed me how much he was making on Youtube by reposting TIKTOK compilations (50-70k a month) he also offered me to join his Tiktok compilation Youtube...
  18. Alex0808

    Tiktok bot ( tiktok to yt )

    Is there any working Tiktok bot which download the trending videos from tiktok and stitch them into a single video ? ( And do this thing continuously on a loop)
  19. oolongo

    26k followers in 2 months. AutoTokker + Post a ton of content

    I wanted to update people on my progress/review. 2020 is going to be about growth and monetization for me. I plan to transfer people over to other platforms and experiment with links. Any advice would be much appreciated. Happy new year!
  20. D

    Can you give me advice on my tiktok Ti

    Hi I am.a traveler that want more followers from Tik tok to my Instagram and was wanting to post viral videos to build up my Tik tok following, but my videos are getting no views. Can you review my account and give me tips and some video accounts on Instagram to use their videos and what do put...