thesis theme

  1. fahadsaleem

    I need this thesis theme for free

    Can someone please help me getting this exact theme for free the site: is using ? Thanks in advance !
  2. R

    Thesis Theme customization

    Is there maybe anyone that could help me with a specific customization in the Thesis Theme? I would like to add a RSS button, a Twitter button, Email, LinkedIn Share, and a Google+ button into a widget area I created for the header of my Thesis Theme. So I have the widget area created already...
  3. K

    Unlocked Thesis Theme

    Hey, I'm looking for a programmer that can unlock an official version of the Thesis Theme so that I can use the wordpress plugin on as many sites as I can. Can anyone do this?
  4. N

    Thesis Error

    Hi BHW! I dont know if this is the correct place to post this but I proceed. I have installed Thesis Theme on my blog and made posts and entered the SEO Details in the SEO and Additional Styles box (I dont use AIO SEO or Yoast SEO). But I see after a day that some of the posts have lost the...
  5. seoarticle

    Need Help - Thesis Theme

    I am using thesis theme for one of my blog, and when i have select the "Features & Teasers" in the "Home Page Display Options" is design tab, and then preview my blog the home page do not display any blog posts. but, it displays some code ...
  6. enes9

    Anyone uses WP Thesis Theme? I have some question.

    I use Thesis theme on my WP website. Would it be necessary if I also install All-in-one-SEO pack? Thanks, Enes9
  7. J

    Migrate All In SEO Pack Fields Into Thesis In A Few Minutes

    Thesis theme pretty much has all the capabilities of All in One Seo now. So if you wanna ditch All in One, and start using just the Thesis Theme seo features it only takes a few minutes. This is for users using All in One pre version 1.6...
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