thank you

  1. Evnsmith

    Thank you blackhatworld!

    Its weird to think I've been on this site since I was 15 years old lol. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on the forum and helping me find out what I really wanted to do in my life. Finding this website has changed my life in more ways than I thought. When I was a little freshman in...
  2. C

    When I Joined BHW I Made $0 | Now I Make Millions

    Just wanted to take a minute to thank the community here at BHW. Since I have joined I created multiple businesses, researched hundreds of opportunities and now I am at the point where financial freedom is here. Thank you BHW for everything you offer, without you there is no way I would of...
  3. Takurah

    Thank you BHW

    I needed to cum up in the Lounge for a sec Bois. Saying. Thank you. On a serious Note. BHW helps in part make me feel Enabled when it comes to IM and with generally making money online, in a broader sense of knowledge. So many people are helping each other, making money, and learning and...
  4. C

    Some Recent AdWords Performance

    Hey guys, just wanted to thank the community for all the support! Attached is some analytics on an e-commerce site I own and after reading multiple threads on BHW, it has been very successful. Thank you everyone who has contributed to this community in a positive way.
  5. Vybra

    Balance is Key

    Finally achieved 420 likes Please no more likes on any of my posts Thanks :) On a side note: I am starting my own CBD Company in my home country where medicinal weed is legal now If anyone has some good info about CBD and all that, send it over. Need to consume as much information...
  6. M

    16 Year Old Boy On His Journey

    Hello Hello AND HELLO My name is Suson Adhikari and I am 16 years old. I have been learning digital markeeting and these stuffs since 6 months. Simply I am loving it. And you know what's more interesting. This community.:smirk::) I have found some solid informations and helps from here...
  7. J

    Thank You BHW

    Hi Blackhatians, It's been over 6 years that i was using Black Hat World offline. It really helped me to build and expand my exposure in digital world. There were times when i got demotivated in my life, specially in that era, the journeys section of this forum helped me out back to my track...
  8. Determined Diva

    Thank you BHW and all the members

    I am very touched by the support and the kindness that this forum has provided me with. I'm at a stage where I'm about to lose my kids because of custody and alimony and for fighting my wretched ex husband I needed $3000 to pay the lawyer. I read and read and read. People fail 99.9% of the time...
  9. bbbb bbbb

    I just wanted to say thank you guys!!

    I know sometimes Im a bother and I can be irritating on BHW, But you guys really do help me alot and without this blog I wouldnt be where Im at now!! I really do appreciate everybody here and I just wanted to take some time to say thank you guys!!
  10. Bradbed

    Thank You BHW

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this site!!! I’ve procrastinated for so long on starting my IM dreams but then I said you know what fuck it. Made my account and now I’m using all my free time outside of work to learn everything I can with this website. Before I joined I thought “it’s...
  11. 7ZEUS7

    Thank you blackhatworld

    I just started instagram + cpa and and got 0.46$, it is not that much but this money earned will motivate to me to make more And yes thank you all members who helped me and motivated me and answered all my queries Thank you
  12. B

    Please Warm Welcome

    I am newbie, i am here because I want to learn more about internet, technology, programming, coding, and also little bit in hacking. Investment in knowledge pay the best interest
  13. D

    Instagram +landing page promble

    Hello ! I have Instagram account which iam promoting cpa offer. I had hear they block the cpa links quickly so i have decided to put landing page in it. I had used leadsanity landing page for my project and got some click in that page but in ogads it's displayed 2 clicks. I have no money to...
  14. T

    Best adsense alternatives

    Can anyone tell me best alternatives for adsense, i have 4 months old site with 80 posts....
  15. bbbb bbbb

    Trying to make some money

    Gotta lot of people wanting me to build websites but they either cant afford hostgator or just dont understand the process...I have the baby plan ( unlimited website hosting ) and i got a couple sites running on my hosting plan...But is there a way I can make money off them using my hosting??
  16. Boss_Ente

    Keyword research Program for Adult Keywords

    Hey gus, i search for weeks for an Program for Adult Keywords, but no tool i founf do this really well. market samurai, adwords or something like that dont give me results with i can work. maybe you guys will have an idea how i can handle that. it would be awsone. Best regards your Boss_ente ...
  17. cgt web

    A huge thank you!

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on this amazing forum. The information shared here is truly amazing along with the support and friendship of all members and most importantly the wonderful people who manage this site and keep it safe from people trying to do us harm. I have...
  18. Mr.Chicken


    HEY! how are you all! I started twitter adult niche method a month ago and i did a lot of work. at first i was not getting any signups but i was continuously working. I posted best quality content and did everything i had to do to had a conversion but still wasn't getting one! I was working from...
  19. R

    Somone Can help me please !?

    Hello people, im so happy that im here, really im so tired to find a job, now i would like to work from internet, but every method need money, droppshipping, afflilate, site, ..... how i can i start a work ? im good in photoshop, and taping information on exel .... and i have some an idea about...
  20. Z

    You’ve taught me allot!

    hi BHW, Last year I quit my job and started my own B2C internet startup. Quickly realising it’s super hard work to get fast, predictable growth! Although I’ve only recently registered, the advice on these forums have been unbelievably helpful on my journey. There’s been some standout posts and...
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