thank you thread

  1. J

    Thank You BHW

    Hi Blackhatians, It's been over 6 years that i was using Black Hat World offline. It really helped me to build and expand my exposure in digital world. There were times when i got demotivated in my life, specially in that era, the journeys section of this forum helped me out back to my track...
  2. CMG

    Yet another Thank You BHW thread

    Hi, guys. Although I joined BHW last year, I never properly introduced myself or said anything really. I've been in this world of MMO for 3 years, and although I have been procrastinating quite a lot, I can say I earned some money here and there... Now, thanks to BHW, I got my very first CPA...
  3. A

    Thank You BHW Section

    How about a section for "thank you BHW" threads? Threads like this: The thread doesn't really contain any money making information. That way people can say thanks but it isn't taking space in...