1. J

    need some Ideas for hot asian babe tgp?

    hi everyone its been a while since ive been on this site. been so busy but i need help so i started a TGP with the mechbunny script which is amazing and all but now i need help with the content. basically how people told me was to batch upload photos into a album instead of uploading pics one by...
  2. Last_Legend

    TGP Submitter ?

    I've been searching around for a good quality TGP submitter, preferably one that can do adult submissions. . I don't mind paid solutions, I just need a good submitter that can handle a lot of submission. Being built well and cheap/free are a plus. I'm currently doing things by hand, and making...
  3. CaptainKing

    Where to upload torrents?

    Every time I upload a torrent it gets banned almost instantly! I have uploded movies and tv episodes at TPB, mininova and 3-4 other torrent sites and get banned everytime. I have a password protection in my file so when downloaded the user will have to go to my content locker site (sharecash)...
  4. CaptainKing

    Where can I get content for my TGP - adult gallery?

    Are there affiliates that give pictures and demo videos out for free so I can build my TGP site and then link the pictures to their site. Where would be the best place to work with that is legit and has a good payout? Thanks guys! :)
  5. undeterminederror

    Need someone with Chameleon TGP/Gallery submitter

    I need someone to submit few galleries to TGPs for me. I don't know how this things work. I offer in exchange: 1. SEO Wordpress galleries building; 2. Or money: $20-100 budget.
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