1. B

    Anyone know if textnowbot.com still works?

    Hey guys, i'm looking for a way to do PVA and I found this bot using texnow and I was wondering if anyone here has tried it and can vouch for it? It seems like it uses emails to registrer on textnow but as far as I can tell textnow only allows registration through google and facebook. Also if...
  2. Sohag_Dev

    virtual phone number like textnow

    I Need Free virtual phone number like text now For European Country (Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Australia)
  3. A

    how to bypass textnow errors?

    hello everyone how can i bypass bellow errors? : website (textnow.com) ---> (Unknown error - Please try submitting again. If the problem continues contact Customer Care for assistance.) app (textnow) ---> (an error occured) i trying this ways : changing ip - using app cloner - using id...
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