1. N


    HOW to get around Telegram Search Engine I ask this because the method has changed now there are only bots in the search !!!!!! How do I create a bot myself and put him in the first rank ? THX ALL FOR HELPING
  2. H

    Which one is better? Telegram or Skype for businesses?

    Also it seems that skype is far better than telegram. Telegram SHOWS my phone number and I HATE that. I already say no one should show my phone number but it still shows. My daughter, my partner can see the number. Skype doesn't require phone number. So it's a lot more secure and private. Am...
  3. T

    Looking for someone to help with telegram multi accounting

    Looking for someone to help with setting up 30 or more telegram accounts in my pc without them getting banned. Need to use the nearby people function and GPS spoofing. The budget is flexible, do send me a dm or contact me on telegram @DavetheD
  4. prm4u - SMM SERVICES PROVIDER | Telegram , Reddit , Soundcloud ,Quora , Tumblr , YouTube , TikTok , Vk , Facebook , Soundcloud - SMM SERVICES PROVIDER | Telegram , Reddit , Soundcloud ,Quora , Tumblr , YouTube , TikTok , Vk , Facebook , Soundcloud Our team knows how to work professionally in the SMM markets, we create services of any complexity and are ready to create customized services for your SMM sites...
  5. H

    How to add real susbcirbers to adult telegram channel

    How to add real subscribers to an adult telegram channel? It is an Indian channel. Any one doing promotion please advise me.
  6. B

    Telegram to whatsapp automation

    Hello everyone, I have a business where I rely on whatsapp to contact my clients, what I want to do, is to create an automation system that takes posts from a specefic channel on Telegram and send them to my clients automatically. Does anyone know how to do that in the cheapest way possible, I...
  7. O

    Looking for a way to register bulk numbers in Telegram contacts

    To Telegram contacts Does anyone know how to register a large number of numbers? For example, I have 100,000 mobile phone numbers. I would like to register their number on Telegram and add them to my contacts. Currently, I have a bot and the program has been run using the API. However, even...
  8. Bozuyuk

    Misuse of the letter I with the letter L on Telegram

    Friends first of all, the last letter of my username on telegram ends with a lowercase letter L. There is a topic I sell on the market, and my telegram username is written to contact addresses, one of the scammers is imitating my account, the last letter of the username is a capital letter “ I...
  9. A

    How can i add all my contact list to telegram channel automatically

    how can i add all my contact list to telegram channel automatically?
  10. O

    We are looking for someone who knows a bot or method to add a large number of numbers as friends to a Telegram account.

    We are looking for someone who knows a bot or method to add a large number of numbers as friends to a Telegram account. This means adding friends to your Telegram account, not inviting them to a group. Please leave a message and we will respond.
  11. thesyndicate

    If I am looking for xxx with a niche in telegram where do I found them?

    If I am looking for xxx groups with a niche in telegram, where do I find them? How do I search?
  12. Saphira

    Ideas for the long term of a telegram channel (I have many doubts)

    I have a telegram channel (niche aesthetic image gallery) with 1300 followers. I have several questions as I am very disoriented and I don't know what to do. Is it worth having a channel in the very long term? I really enjoy the process How does the telegram algorithm work? What is the optimal...
  13. Snqke

    Forex Signals Group?

    Hello guys, any one know any suggestions paid telegram or discord group that share siganls any make good monthly ROI? Thanks
  14. M

    I can't add member anymore on Telegram with Telethon

    Hey, I've been using Telethon for about 3 days, and everything was working. I bought 5 phone numbers so I could increase the number of members I can add to a channel. But now I'm always stopped by the API with the error "wait for X seconds" (mostly 24h). GPT-4 told me that it was because I was...
  15. 1

    Telegram scraper

    Hey there guys Does somebody knows how much accounts is needed for telegram mass dm for lets say 1k dms a day? And whats the max dms per account?
  16. J

    Organic traffic for betting telegram channel

    Could someone help me or give me tips to get organic traffic for a sports betting telegram channel? Thanks
  17. L__Sharma

    Telegram account ban - how to unban it??

    Hey everyone! My Telegram account was banned after I sent the same message to 10-15 users. It wasn't spam, I just had a proposal to my partners to do some marketing activities. Some of them even started replying and then BUM! The number is banned. I wrote to Telegram support via another account...
  18. taytrue

    Telegram rate limit | How to warmup Telegram account

    I am hosting a mass spam bot that sends messages in a lot of groups and trying to expand to 10 accounts. I can use the bot for long periods of time with a little delay on my main account with only getting rate limited a few times for max half an hour. I've been using the account almost 3 years...
  19. vuminh075

    Looking for View Telegram Live Stream Service

    Hello, I'm looking for a service that can increase live-stream viewers on Telegram. If you know of any such service, please introduce it to me. Thank you very much.
  20. T


    Am newnew looking for ways to grow my youtube channel, discord server and telegram channel
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