1. xxx69

    Telegram bot to automatically forward messages from other channels/groups

    Hello Guys, I am looking for a bot that can forward messages from other channels/groups to mine. I know there are many paid bots out there. Is there any free service like this?? If anyone have used please share... Also, If you have used any paid service then please share your experience also...
  2. jaroule


    BUDGET = 10$/day *real members * i will scrappe then compare with competitor thanx
  3. N

    [FREE] scrape Telegram group members

    Based on a similar giveaway I saw here yesterday, I wanted to do similar and I made a script. I will scrape username, id and if it is a bot or not, of every user in a group (public). I will start with first replies, 1 group per user so far, please, I will reach you out for details Outfile:
  4. TGPromote

    I will help you with answers to questions about working with telegram

    Hi everybody. I've been here quite recently, but I've been promoting in telegram for more than 2 years. If you have any questions, ask, I will try to help.
  5. A

    Telegram Mass Shilling/DM

    Hi, I’m interested in mass shilling bot or someone who provides the service for some cryptocurrency projects that I am launching. Please post or DM if you can provide this. Please also provide proof of work that you have completed. happy to pay for this service based on the quality!
  6. esoterikizym

    [JV] Putting together an NFT team to launch one of the most massive projects the world has ever seen

    Hi! NFT's seem to be a trend many can say they have seen or participated in. Even big players are selling their NFT's from disney down to banksy. Here's what Im looking for: visionaries that are not scared of the work, we're going to put together a publically traded company here in the states...
  7. kptpiotr

    [JV] Your CRYPTO - My Telegram group adder&shiller&spammer bots

    Hi! I am into crypto and bot programming since 2017. I have made many automation projects, but now I focus only on crypto. I made a bunch of useful bots for Telegram marketing. Now I need a good team to create crypto and promote them on Telegram (not only). What do I have? 1. Telegram group...
  8. jaroule

    .:: Telegram Bulk Message Sending ::.

    Hello BHW Team Today i will be talking about bulk message sending with telegram marketing, im using a personal script and i send 6 message per account with an average 1 to 2 second between each message,but i think this method aren't working anymore cause i got my account limited. if some of...
  9. Brickbat1

    3350 Crypto Telegram Groups list with 1.1 million live online members plus free Group Shill bot for $100

    As the title says, you get a clean list of 3350 Crypto related Telegram groups. The total number of members online at the time the list was built was about 1.1 million. The total members is actually about 16 million. The group with the smallest number of members has about 100 members, while the...
  10. R

    Telegram Adult Group - how to get new Members? (scrape etc)

    Hey there. I want to "promote" my Telegram (OnlyFans Channel) with a much wider Audience, I need high traffic from the USA, Canada, Australia Is there any way to get tons of new members a day? Really need that as soon as possible!
  11. Lilgriĺl

    Finally i finished build my tools mass dm !

    watch this video how this script running
  12. miamia123

    Expose a telegram scam AWS seller

    This is a clever liar He posted a message in a telegram to inform him that he is an AWS credit account seller, and wrote in the announcement "Don't trust unknown users, only with the administrator". After I paid him USDT, he immediately blocked me. Everyone, be careful of this scammer. Telegram...
  13. jaroule


    Hello tg marketers, i'm using telegram accounts for group adding stuff i'm asking if somebody have a method to not have the accounts limited cause this is causing me headeach. thank you guys in advance P.S: Please share your answers publicly on the forum NO DM
  14. GoDesain

    Simple Telegram BOT

    Hi all... Just code this small bot for telegram users... not sure if this usefull or not.. at this time working function for scraping member from group.. next i will add more function.. Note: I'm single fighter, so it might take...
  15. M

    Hi, New here, looking for Telegram and Discord spam

    Hi, I'm Mike. I am looking for telegram and discord spammers. Hopefully i can find them on this forum.
  16. K

    Telegram bot/script

    Hi, I need a bot for Telegram that will automatically add accounts to channels on tg. Preferably from a previously prepared Excel file (channel in "@channel" format) and if it would check if the account is already in the channel, it would be beautiful. I have like 100 acc and need to add them...


    We're hiring people that are able to scrape/add telegram members from groupchats. We need those members added and filtered based upon their last seen. We need >10K members added to our groupchat within 7-15 days. PM for more info! swapseason
  18. jaroule

    Telegram Marketing and Automation (related areas,adding members,bulk messages)

    Hello everyone today im posting this article about telegram marketing and related stuffs, there is no section on telegram on BHW so i decided to write in the general social media section, we will discuss here every aspect of tg marketing including account creations,script for adding...
  19. M

    Telagram help, thank u...

    Hello dears Needs some help please. How to add members on telegram from other group to your own group ? I tried to use Telegraph, Python & Pycharm, Termux, but there is a limit of 50 members, after that telegram limits my account. Is there another option ? Thank u for your help Love Mika
  20. Orozuz

    Need a Telegram Mass Sender

    Hi, I'm looking for a Telegram Mass sender (service or bot), that doesn't require my number or any or my info, and provides it with their own info. I found a service here that's like $50 for 1k messages, but I wanna test the service and if my offer is good enough, so I won't invest $50 on that...