telegram group

  1. Z

    How can I grow a telegram channel?

    I have a telegram channel that I want to grow with real people and a specific audience, patriots and trump supporters, what is the best way to do it? I have tried Instagram reels, Twitter, Truth Social, Gettr, Mewe, and Facebook but none of them gave me the results that I want.
  2. LifetimeCharger

    SMM Panels - Telegram channel Members instant delivery?

    Hey guys, i am currently having the problem that all smmpanels out there are mostly delivering the telegram channel members so damn slow that i get really pissed while watching it lol. If you buy views for the posts there, they are coming instantly. Just watched, 10K in a minute is not a...
  3. mord.kai

    what kind of proxy do i need for telegram spam?

    I send affiliate offers in telegram groups to prevent restrictions, the contacts call me first on my dm and I reply later with my link, so I rarely have ban problems (for a while) but to scale this with many accounts I will need a proxy right? can a basic data center proxy do it? orresidential/4g?
  4. Razentyler

    [UPDATED] ✅Telegram Adbot | ➡️Auto-Join Groups and Post into them every Hour Automatically✅

  5. Thenumero

    Telegram Scraping - Increasing Group Size

    Hello, how are You doing today? I'm looking for software that could scrape telegram. What it's for? I want to increase my group member, don't know how to do it yet, but looking for solutions. Maybe somebody could help me with that? Thank You for Your attention.
  6. D

    Invite users to Telegram group 2020

    Hey, I am looking for someone experienced with telegram and looking for the following: - Ability to scrap users from other groups + Add members - Ability to add those users into my accounts -Ability to add 500+ members per day Scrap user base from competitors and invite to my own group Please...
  7. shyft101

    [JV] Our Telegram Group Growth + Your Crypto Clients

    What You Can Provide: We are looking for a partner who can source clients from the cryptocurrency market that are looking to grow their Telegram groups with targeted active members and potential investors for their upcoming ICOs, products, etc. The clients must have funds/budget to be able to...
  8. shyft101

    ✅[Free Reviews]✅ HQ Telegram Accounts with US numbers, Verified & Completed Profiles with Picture

    ✅Free Review Copy: 3 HQ Telegram Accounts to each VIP Members and 100+ Post Members ✅ High-Quality Telegram Accounts: US Phone Number Verified Created on HQ dedicated proxies across the US Profile Picture from the Travel niche with metadata scraped and removed US Based Female Name Already...
  9. shyft101

    [FREE REVIEW] Telegram Growth Service

    Looking for 20 reviewers for a telegram growth service that we are planning to provide to BHW exclusively. With this growth service, you will have the ability to target specific telegram groups/channels (e.g. competitors) and scrape the users and invite them to your group of your choosing. In...
  10. shyft101

    ✅ [Giveaway] Telegram Group Member Data Scraping

    In the group member data scraping, you will obtain the following in a .csv file: - Username - User ID - Access Hash - Name of User - Group Name - Group ID Conditions: Post on this thread "Help me scrape a telegram group!" Send me a PM of the telegram group invite link you want scraped. (The...
  11. FreeMan228

    Invite users to Telegram group

    L4 a freelancer who is able to scrap user base from competitors and invite to my own group
  12. LeftyLuke

    Telegram Bot measuring Clicks

    Is there a bot to measure individual member clicks to administrator links that are placed in the group? I have a focus group on telegram where I have people be part of product development so I am sending out surveys every now and again. But the engagement is quite low. I want to incentivise...
  13. yumduck

    [METHOD?] Moderate telegramm group

    Hi, i have created a telegram group. I try to set an autoban on the group. For exemple if a men get the access to the account i want that he stays in only 1 week. After one week, i want that he get's autoban. I've already check some classic bot (groupe butler etc) but don't find how to do it...
  14. Y


    Hey guys just wanna ask about the crypto telegram and discord signal groups im not talking about the free ones i was wondering if anyone can help me find a paid one with serious things and if they are worth it or not . thanks
  15. O


    Is anyone aware of an effective scrape tool to scrape telegram and/or discord groups for emails? I have yet to find one that works well.
  16. V

    I would like to join a COMMENTING GROUP, I have 5k followers and need legit commenters

    I would like to join a COMMENTING GROUP, I have 5k followers and need legit comments, I would also like to be added to a follow group, or any advice how to group my Instagram organically? Ive been at 5k over a year now :/
  17. Carlos Arthur

    [Journey/ Your Opinion?] Personal Account And Branding, 100k?

    Keys. Bold are topics. underline are sub-topics italic bold underline is when I need your opinion Ok Hello Everyone, I'm Carlos. I've spent 4 h just reading the forum on Instagram and I decided to share my journey and also ask for your opinion. Right now I'm working on my personal account, my...
  18. M

    I need a Telegram Bot Code

    I want some to code a Telgeram Round bot for me.I also wanna know how to use or host it and I want it to use it on multiple groups. PM me ur price and Skype. It should include following features :- 1.Messages “Next round starts in 20 minutes, please get ready to submit your account name. Do not...
  19. anthony1991

    Need To Drip Telegram Group Members Into Groups

    Hey. I need someone who can help me get Telegram group members for a group. All of the services online seem to only provide Telegram "channel" members which apparently is a much different process. I would like to drip 1 member into a specific group every 5-15 minutes, up until a certain number...
  20. T

    Telegram engagement group hot girl niche minimum 5k

    We're still looking for members for our engagement group we already got 22 members Requirements - you need a girl niche account - 5 K followers If you are interested comment your telegram name down below
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