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  2. PDonline

    How to Add Bulk Users from competitor group to my Telegram Groups?

    Hello, I and my friend have created a tool to scrape Usernames from competitor groups and add them to my group. However I got a problem, I only can add 50-100 usernames to my group with 1 telegram account then my account got banned. So I have to need a lot of telegram accounts to add thousands...
  3. D

    Invite users to Telegram group 2020

    Hey, I am looking for someone experienced with telegram and looking for the following: - Ability to scrap users from other groups + Add members - Ability to add those users into my accounts -Ability to add 500+ members per day Scrap user base from competitors and invite to my own group Please...
  4. T

    Telegram group scraper limit

    Have you ever faced with the limitation of users you can scrape from groups on Telegram. I'm using a Viking Telegram Tool now and it can export only 200 users from the list. Is there any way to solve this issue?
  5. shyft101

    [FREE REVIEW] Telegram Growth Service

    Looking for 20 reviewers for a telegram growth service that we are planning to provide to BHW exclusively. With this growth service, you will have the ability to target specific telegram groups/channels (e.g. competitors) and scrape the users and invite them to your group of your choosing. In...
  6. shyft101

    ✅ [Giveaway] Telegram Group Member Data Scraping

    In the group member data scraping, you will obtain the following in a .csv file: - Username - User ID - Access Hash - Name of User - Group Name - Group ID Conditions: Post on this thread "Help me scrape a telegram group!" Send me a PM of the telegram group invite link you want scraped. (The...
  7. vaibhav123

    About telegram group

    Is any telegram tool available for free by using which i can transfer group members from one group to the another ?
  8. D

    Telegram Scraper wanted

    I am looking to export/scrape (WHATEVER you feel like calling it) users from group chats. And NO I AM NOT THE ADMIN, if I was I wouldn't need you. So do not ask. If you have a bot/script, great! I will buy it after you prove it works by joining a group of my choosing. I will invite you and...
  9. anthony1991

    Need To Drip Telegram Group Members Into Groups

    Hey. I need someone who can help me get Telegram group members for a group. All of the services online seem to only provide Telegram "channel" members which apparently is a much different process. I would like to drip 1 member into a specific group every 5-15 minutes, up until a certain number...