telegram bot

  1. goodbye tobey

    Automating telegram channel

    Hi there, so I have a new idea to make money from telegram channel, I'm thinking of making a full automated tg channel that posts crypto analytics, these analytics are scraped from reliable crypto sources and published by experienced crypto expert. I myself have no experience in telegram...
  2. T

    (help) 1xBET statistics bot for BACCARAT

    I want to make a statistics bot for baccara like this one im using chat gpt to help me, right now i scraped a bit the 1xbet website and got some informations, now i dont know that to do, test 1.json ended up with this code THIS IS ALL THE DATA FROM 1 GAME DI: game number this section shows...
  3. WahrenShamy

    Telegram Bot

    Hello BHW ! I need a telegram bot which can auto forward a message in a channel to other channel every 1 hour. Both channel are mine so admin privileges will be given. PM if you think you are eligible for the job...we will discuss further in PM Window Or you can PM on Tele gram @itsvirul
  4. O

    Reddit Telegram Bot

    Im looking for a competent telegram bot developer who can make me a tool for reddit image spoofing, along with some other features. I've already got the files made in python for local use, using ChatGPT. However, I need them to be converted into being used on Telegram. I have attempted to...
  5. M

    Looking for someone to create a telegram bot

    Hello, I need someone who can create a bot that can automatically download publications from Reddit, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram to my Telegram channel. For example, so that I could add links to various groups/channels/simply people’s accounts to the bot and then this bot would automatically...
  6. careless8580

    Python Selenium Developer Needed for Exciting Telegram/Linkvertise Automation Project

    Hello, I am in search of a skilled Python developer with expertise in Selenium for an exciting automation project. The primary goal is to create a bot that automates posting messages to a Telegram group, scheduling messages, and generating Linkvertise links based on information from another...
  7. G

    Telegram scraper/adder

    Hello, ive found multiple working telegram scraper on github but not a single adder works for me. Im new to this and not very experienced so im sure that i could do something wrong. Does it work for anyone of you?
  8. Pachsist

    [WTB] your old telegram bots Tokens

    looking for old telegram bots tokens I prefer those that have an active bot with users and activity I need only the token from @BotFather not your bot script or data pm me TG @arrayace
  9. S

    Telegram bot for adding people from Group A to Group B

    I need a bot that can add members from one group to another. If you have this bot please message me here or on telegram @Stevan00
  10. onlineseller20

    Any recommendation of trustworthy telegram bulk sender?

    Need one that can handle tons of proxies & accounts & groups sending Is anyone using a really trustworthy telegram bulk sender? Thanks
  11. GunterSachs

    Has anyone experience with V-user bots?

    Hey, I looked at Google for a Telegram mass DM sender and found the company: V-user bots. Their offer sounds good but I can nearly find any reviews. Anyone here that is working with one of their products? Thanks in advance
  12. Wfixtrit

    Hiring someone to make an automation between Telegram and an antidetect multithread browser - Prefferable Dolphin Anty to post on a Facebook profile.

    Hello, We are looking for someone willing to make an app/automation for us that will connect Telgram chat to some Dolphin Anty profiles. Basically we want to forward some text and pictures from different conversations to one specific telegram account. Then, we want to submit a command to that...
  13. LifetimeCharger

    Looking for a developer for a Telegram bot

    Hello all, we are looking for a developer to build us a Telegram Bot for Airdrops / NFT Channel. We have already intensively dealt with the topic, but we are not developers. Key data: We know that there are hundreds of versions on github that can be taken and extended We know that you can...
  14. LifetimeCharger

    Telegram Channel Bot / NFT Bot/ Airdrop Bot

    Hey, I am looking for one of the hundred Telegram bots that exist in the NFT / crypto area. The bots always ask for certain challenges (Twitter Follow & like, Join Telegram Group, Like us on facebook etc.). As soon as the user has completed all the challenges, he is redirected to the target...
  15. D

    Looking for Telegram SMM Panel

    Looking for reliable fast panel for Telegram subscribers and views.
  16. Anaalkraal

    Help needed creating permission settings Telegram group.

    Hi, i have a question. I recently joined a Telegram group were you gain acces to talk in the chat by joining another group. How does this work because i want to implement this feature for gaining more traffic via Telegram. Is there a bot that can do this. Thank you in advance :)
  17. P

    Bot Monetization Idea

    Dear BHW, I lunched my chaGPT bot last week, I have 1k users so far, I've been running it with my finances so far. I want to ask if there is a monetization method I can use to generate revenue to keep it running. I want to display ads below the responses sent to users. I don't want people to...
  18. TelegramDominator

    TGramPro - Advanced Telegram Marketing Software \ Telegram Marketing Bot

    Advanced Telegram Marketing Software with an emphasis on easy operation, User-friendly interface Easy-to-operate and Easy-to-maintain. With the TGramPro Telegram Marketing Software you can invite over 3000 members in less than an hour. Invite unlimited Telegram Members to your Telegram group...
  19. Faizskdhjatl

    Telegram automation

    can you please suggest me how to do automation like this telegram. I am not sure how to search for bot like this they are using api and auto poster bot's for automation. They are just sending file and it uploaded that file to remote server and create short link and share...
  20. G

    Making money with Telegram/Telegram bots?

    Hello, I'm new here. I've seen a lot of telegram groups (crypto signals, betting tips, adult content, etc.). Looks like there's good money to be made here. I'm an programmer and already have some experience making telegram bots and I'm interested in starting making money with it.... Do you guys...
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