telegram adder

  1. Nitishmohan

    need telegram members at lowest cost

    Hi, I am looking for telegram accounts urgently my supplier is not respoonding from a week. I need account regularly pls message me your best price. Thanks
  2. foxg

    Need a telegram expert

    Hi, I want to create thousands of supergroups and have them ranked on Telegram search for search terms. I want to consult ( paid) someone to give me advice on how to do the following: 1.) Create the accounts without getting banned 2.) Warming-up the accounts 3.) Rank on telegram search Will...
  3. jaroule

    Telethon api is facing error while scraping members

    Hello everybody i'm asking if some of you have encountered a problem while scraping members those days and did u have solved the issue? thanx guys
  4. jaroule

    Is there somebody that is facing this telegram error UserBannedInGroup?

    hello im auto-adding users in a groups and from last night i had that message when requests start UserBannedInGroup and this happen for all my users and for every request but the error didn't happend when i changed the group? if somebody had faiced that problem please share with us Thank You...
  5. S

    WTH Telegram scrapper to increase channel subscriptions

    Hey folks. I'm looking for someone to scrape Telegram and increase our channel subscribers. Payment is negotiable. Possibility of long term collaboration as well.
  6. J

    [HIRING] Telegram group scrapper / adder needed

    [PAID WORK] I need someone / some tool to get it done .. Scrape users from a few targeted groups and add them to our group + when some one joins our group - send them a Direct Message Any takers?
  7. jaroule


    Hello tg marketers, i'm using telegram accounts for group adding stuff i'm asking if somebody have a method to not have the accounts limited cause this is causing me headeach. thank you guys in advance P.S: Please share your answers publicly on the forum NO DM
  8. jaroule

    Telegram Marketing and Automation (related areas,adding members,bulk messages)

    Hello everyone today im posting this article about telegram marketing and related stuffs, there is no section on telegram on BHW so i decided to write in the general social media section, we will discuss here every aspect of tg marketing including account creations,script for adding...
  9. D


  10. SeedPhrase

    [WTB service] Telegram Targeted Group scrapping and adding to another Group

    I'm looking for a service that can do targeted TG groups scrap by recent last seen and add into another group. will pay per 1000 member count, let me know your price
  11. robebryant

    telegram auto add

    Hey guys, I have a .txt and .csv file with telegram usernames. I would like to know if/how I can automate the process of adding them to my group. Any help would appreciated, thanks!
  12. dragonguy4

    #TELEBOT - Bulk Telegram Spammer, Scraper, Broadcaster, and Inviter Bot!

    Meet #TELEBOT - Bulk Telegram Spammer, Broadcaster, Scraper,and Inviter Bot! Here is WHAT YOU CAN DO with #TELEBOT 1) Bulk Telegram Broadcaster! This feature allows you to broadcast messages to specified target list of username Support multiple attachment (or image) Support "{{name}}"...
  13. vigyavan

    Looking for telegram expert

    I have an idea about SAAS, I want to know few things regarding policies and also want to build it asap
  14. S

    Telegram adder

    Need someone to add members to my new telegram group. If you have a good rate, comment please or suggest popular experts
  15. R

    Telegram Member Adder Bot

    I need to add members from a telegram group and add them to my group. I'd like to add a few thousand of them. Thanks :)
  16. PDonline

    How to Add Bulk Users from competitor group to my Telegram Groups?

    Hello, I and my friend have created a tool to scrape Usernames from competitor groups and add them to my group. However I got a problem, I only can add 50-100 usernames to my group with 1 telegram account then my account got banned. So I have to need a lot of telegram accounts to add thousands...
  17. RK

    Telegram Scrapper, Group & Channel Adder Scripts with Setup Guide & 7 Bonuses

    FAQ Q: In which language these scripts are written? A: These scripts are written in Python programming language. Q: Do I need to be a windows user OR mac user to use them? A: You can run and use these scripts in any OS ( mac, windows, Linux ). This is one of the biggest advantages because...
  18. shyft101

    Premium USA Telegram Accounts - Verified - Instant Work Start