telegram account

  1. OOFofWallStreet

    This is day 1 of getting a Jr VIP account on BlackHatWorld

    Hey all, I'm new here, I'm here to sell my service. I'm trying to accumulate 100 messages and posts to get Jr. VIP and save $749 for the operation cost. I'm expert in social media account creation and security. My service will relate to this aspect. (I'm not sure whether it will violate any...
  2. A

    Why do people buy Telegram/WhatsApp accounts and the like?

    Hello hello hello, still in the naive question department: why buy Telegram and other accounts? Buying Twitter accounts en masse (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) I totally understand the idea. But what's the point of Telegram? The same goes for Discord. Because these accounts are — I assume —...
  3. D

    Telegram Method

    So far throughout the past year, I have ran an amazon fba, reddit automation + clickbank affiliate marketing, blogging, and a few more insignificant ones. Haven't had much luck in any of those other then making a few hundred dollars in amazon fba, but so far have had mostly fails. I took about...
  4. Orozuz

    Monetizing adult telegram channel

    I have a telegram channel, adult niche, with around 500 users. Each post has average 5k views. I've been trying to monetize with lospollos and I'm getting like 1 conversion a week. Posts are regular porn gifs and stuff with a call to action including the lospollos link, and apparently it's not...
  5. L

    Telegram group conversation BOT

    Hi guys, Is it possible to mirror a telegram chat group's every message to another channel with different bot members? Thanks for the help!
  6. PasserbyA

    Popular black hat promotion tools:Telegram, Whatsapp

    Nowadays, besides Telegram and Whatsapp, what other popular black hat operating platforms are there? What are the commonly sought-after ones that everyone needs? Take this opportunity to say hello to everyone.
  7. Bozuyuk

    Misuse of the letter I with the letter L on Telegram

    Friends first of all, the last letter of my username on telegram ends with a lowercase letter L. There is a topic I sell on the market, and my telegram username is written to contact addresses, one of the scammers is imitating my account, the last letter of the username is a capital letter “ I...
  8. J

    Organic traffic for betting telegram channel

    Could someone help me or give me tips to get organic traffic for a sports betting telegram channel? Thanks
  9. J

    New Telegram Account - No Spam/No Bots/High Quality - Lasting for atleast 4-6 months

    Hello :) I have been going around the marketplace section and some other threads but really havent found any perfect solution. I am looking to create a Telegram account (long term one) so its not just a one-time text verification procedure. Not sure if I should create one through Google Voice...
  10. M

    ✅✅✅Number block on Telegram. Solutions ✅✅✅

    Who knows how to restore telegram number? I've written to all possible support services, but so far no response. Also will be useful information how to pull data if there was a destop version, at least chats with which there was communication. Too much working information is lost
  11. LifetimeCharger

    SMM Panels - Telegram channel Members instant delivery?

    Hey guys, i am currently having the problem that all smmpanels out there are mostly delivering the telegram channel members so damn slow that i get really pissed while watching it lol. If you buy views for the posts there, they are coming instantly. Just watched, 10K in a minute is not a...
  12. onlineseller20

    Any recommendation of trustworthy telegram bulk sender?

    Need one that can handle tons of proxies & accounts & groups sending Is anyone using a really trustworthy telegram bulk sender? Thanks
  13. NeonBlue

    How to warmup new Telegram account? Using SMM panel on new account?

    I plan to open new Telegram account for long term usage/business ideas and will be creating TG channels Questions about warming up: -How long is warm up phase? This is most important question I guess, like how long would you be "minimal/careful" with your usage of TG (Not planning to mass spam...
  14. LifetimeCharger

    Looking for a developer for a Telegram bot

    Hello all, we are looking for a developer to build us a Telegram Bot for Airdrops / NFT Channel. We have already intensively dealt with the topic, but we are not developers. Key data: We know that there are hundreds of versions on github that can be taken and extended We know that you can...
  15. LifetimeCharger

    How can I completely take over a purchased Telegram account (tdata)?

    Hello all, I bought several Telegram accounts from a seller a few days ago, which were sent to me as Tdata together with the number. I packed the tdata folders into separate Telegram Portable folders (1x tdata file per Telegram Portable folder) and logged in. Then I removed all active sessions...
  16. LifetimeCharger

    Telegram Channel - Buy Channel subscribers and views

    Hello all, At this point I need your help in the area of Telegram Channel subscribers and views. I have the following scenario: 1. I buy Telegram accounts from different sellers (mostly 2-3 months old, but I also get much older ones). 2. with this account I create a public channel with...
  17. ShangAccs


    Always available Telegram accounts of the high quality. By default, accounts are in the Session + Json format, but upon request, we quickly convert them to Tdata. A lot of countries in Africa and Asia, as well as the USA and Canada. All accounts have a lifespan of 7 days and are great for...
  18. danetf

    Another Journey ( 10k in 2023 with Telegram Marketing)

    Okay, so I created my first thread about how to make 10k with Quora. Not dead But I want to also try telegram marketing. Because there is lots of potential on Telegram. I am yet to discover it and make some Money out of it. Will be posting an Update every month to 1. Keep me accountable 2...
  19. Harnur

    How to Get Back BANNED Telegram Account?

    Telegram banned my account all of a sudden. I didn't break any rules, didn't spam anyone...or did anything shady. All my business and friends' contacts are on this telegram account. It took me 4 years to build all my contacts. ---------- In the last 2 months, i have emailed the telegram...
  20. B

    Telegram expert needed (make a group, invite members from others groups)

    I need to make big telegram groups from existing audience in other groups. Please PM me with your offer.
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