teeth whitening

  1. yayapart

    Affiliate Program for Teeth Whitening Kits and Blackhead Suckers?

    Hey guys! I'm a German SEO and I own a lot of authoritarian websites. Currently I'm sending the traffic mostly to Amazon products. There I'm selling around 20-30 Teeth Whitening Kits per day for 50€ each (~60$). The commission is 3,50€ per sale and thats really frustrating. I was looking for...
  2. dariusdarius

    Clickbank New Niche - Untapped Market

    *mod edit - thread closed as the linked site is currently unavailable. OP - please contact mods with service update asap* Hello BHW community, I am proud to announce the release of a course in a very untapped market. I am talking about teeth. EARN 60% AND RECURRING BILLING! We have...
  3. arvo

    Teeth Whitening Products - Wholesale - Dropshipped - Rebillers Welcome - Made In USA

    Hey BHW, I carry 44% carbamide peroxide, currently the strongest teeth whitener on the market. I've been selling teeth whitening products since mid 2005, the majority of which were sold on eBay, CL and ads in local papers. When I first started, I ran a mailing campaign with a crappy sales...
  4. B

    High Bounce-Rate with Acai and Teeth Whiteners in Germany

    Hey guys. Does or did anybody try to promote the acai berries or any teeth whitening products in a german speaking country such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland? I've got enough traffic on these pages, 50% from PPC and 50% SEO. Every 5th person that hits the merchants LP tries to sign up...
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