1. P

    White Scheme: Earn By Uploading Your Designs

    Hi guys, I am presenting you with a method to earn money by uploading your (or someone else) designs. So the website is TeePublic, it specialises in print on demand sales. Sign Up links: Non-refereal: https://www.teepublic.com/designer-signup So what's the trick: You upload a design, the...
  2. F

    Any Society6 Auto Followers/Promoters Out There?

    Thanks for stopping by. I was wondering if there are any up to date Society6 bots that auto follow/auto promote works? I have read that there were a few on here, but that was many years ago. If anyone has a script, or would share something that would work, I would be very appreciative. Thank...
  3. JustHicham

    My Experience With Teepublic The Good And Bad

    Since two months ago i deiced to upload like 400 of my best selling designs to teepublic, to have new source of income, everything was really good and i started getting like 5 to 10 sales per day, i was really so happy specially i don't need to promote my shirts, what i learned from is the more...