1. Fahedawan

    Penalty Recovery of an E-commerce Website

    Most of the time penalty is because of our own mistakes and the reasons are; Lacking Topical Authority Wrong anchor text used for internal linking Wrong anchor text chosen for Outbound links Lacking image SEO Html tags are not aligned No proper backlink profile And so on. Now what I have...
  2. Fahedawan

    Always Focus on Conversion - Shopify SEO

    The primary focus of any online business should be on conversions rather than just ranking high on search engines. While ranking is important for visibility, it does not necessarily guarantee conversions or sales. To achieve conversions, businesses should aim to create a user-friendly website...
  3. Fahedawan

    How I ranked 11 Services in 31 Cities - Case Study

    This is the same website whose case study I already shared which I ranked in 7 days with just on-page SEO. When I shared the ranking results with clients, he offered to rank the same services in 30 more cities, the offer. So let’s learn how I ranked in these 30 cities within 2 months and the...
  4. Agency Seo4you

    Page speed and experience in SEO: 9 ways to eliminate issues

    According to Google's statement on page experience, visibility in the search results may increase if all other factors are equal. Page experience is thus another factor under your control to increase your site's visibility on the SERPs, albeit it is undoubtedly not the only thing you should pay...
  5. H

    I am so confused about the whole SEO deal!

    I am very new to this SEO game. I have been trying to get my first website ( get good DA and Backlinks. I am also changing my old On-Page SEO. Can anyone suggest, where I am going wrong? 1> Writing 1 unique and interesting blog every week. Adding canonical tag before...
  6. A

    Home Page is not getting indexed

    Hello friends,.can you help me? problem is my website's home page is not getting indexed but all other pages are getting indexed what could be the problem? It would be appreciated if you could help me out.
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