1. LearningForever

    Any e-learning platform recommendation?

    I have two courses on Udemy and a Youtube channel linked to those. Until now I counted on Udemy organic sales, but at the moment I am getting some sales from my YT channel. So, perhaps it is time for me to move to a platform that I can fully brand on and where I can get more info from the...
  2. D

    Looking For Help With Teachable

    Anyone Here Good At Teachable? I'm looking for advice and resources/help (guides, vids etc)
  3. lbhbochc

    Has Anybody Here Made Money Creating Courses?

    I see so many "gurus" selling overpriced courses full of basic content that can be found for free, and it really got me thinking. I know SEO better than most people, and certainly more than those selling their courses on YouTube or WarriorPlus. But, my question is, with platforms like Udemy...