target accounts

  1. ItsMeFox

    ** Selling Aged Target Accounts 5+ Years **

    I am selling aged Target Accounts 5+ Years Target accounts may have done a few purchases or don't have at all but you will be able to see when its created The Price 40$ Per Aged Target Account - All accounts are guaranteed for 3 days until login. If the account has been banned before logging...
  2. B

    Newbie in need of fb marketing help (facebook accounts & messaging)

    Hi, As im sure everyone here is aware, facebook has made it very difficult to build profiles now as opposed to a few years ago. I need help in a mass messaging campaign to specific facebook profiles by their URL (I have lists ready). How would i be able to directly send friend request to and...
  3. IG Pro

    Who Should I Target?

    Good morning everyone! Todays question is: What type of people, hashtags, locations should i target if i offer web hosting (BlueHost - affiliate) throught Instagram? My goal is to hit $100 - $350/d which are 2 - 5 clients. You can send around 40-50 DM's per account a day, i will be using 2-3...
  4. Diegion

    | HQ | INSTAGRAM - Follow Sources & Target Accounts Research

    Hello BHW !! Presenting to you guys : Looking for proper Follow Sources & Target Accounts takes a lot of time and if you are new to Instagram automation techniques it sure is a very bumpy ride. You may find yourself many inadequate sources and will be left out wondering what you are doing...
  5. Diegion

    | INSTAGRAM - Hashtag Research Service |

    Hello BHW !! If you are in the Instagram game then its a good day for you ! I'm here to present to you : Well it was a huge debate whether Hashtags were relevant or not with respect to Instagram but thanks to changes to the new algorithm and implementation of the new "Follow #Hashtag"...
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