1. vahnz13

    [HELP] I can't access BHW from tapatalk

    Hi, anyone here can help me with this problem? When I tried to opened BHW from my tapatalk, it saod it can' connected to forum server and I have to contact forum admin. Anyone here have the same problem? A little help will be much appreciated
  2. M

    What Happened to Tapatalk?

    I used to check the forum all the time until the tapatalk functionality stopped a few weeks back. It says forum restricting access. Is it just me and the iphone or is the forum having an issue?ta
  3. critman

    Tapatalk problems?

    I browse BHW a lot through my phone using tapatalk. For the past few days, I haven't been able to connect though.. weird. Other forums are working great. Any tapatalk users here?
  4. B

    Please add BHW to Tapatalk to go iPhone

    Hello, I got this great app for iPhone called Tapatalk, but BHW is not in their database. Would you care to add it? That would be nice, so we can read bhw more often. Google tapatalk for url, this thing is not letting me post it.
  5. D

    tapatalk on BHW

    Can the admins install tapatalk vb plugin on BHW ? It would be very easy for many of us to be on BHW from our iphones,androids etc "Your forum's app on iPhone/Android/Nokia! It takes only 10 minutes and it's free!" http://www.tapatalk.com/en/plugin
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