1. FindingMyNiche

    OF Nitch

    Howdy y'all I'm 30 from the United States. I've been reading these these forms for a while an you guys have helped me tremendously I'm excited to be part of this community. I'm very interested in Tinder, Tagged, MeetMe, Tubesite directly to my models Snapchat. Twitter, Instagram an Pinterest...
  2. Yrx

    How To Never Get Banned from Instagram?

    I create new account, I just follow and comment. I never post anything before get banned. Why Instagram???? Why????? Instagram Sucks!!!!
  3. fmbaba01

    Any Tagged Account Providers here?

    As the subject implies, im in need of anyone that provides email-verified Tagged accounts here, with full profile. Any one run this service? Please PM me urgently
  4. tbdrogue

    Post does not appear under Tagged Location

    I can find the photo on Hashtags, but not on the location it was tagged. This is not an active location by any means it gets maybe 10 photos per day but my photo does not show up there at all. I just noticed this happening for the first time. It's an account that always uses correct location...
  5. R

    Remove tagged photos (1000+)

    Hey guys! I am managing a page with 20k followers in the fitness/bodybuilding nieche but recently the franchise I was working for dumped the operation and i got to keep the account. I started to use it as my ecommerce's ig account but the problem i am facing now is the massive amount of...
  6. sam.hunt0710

    Tagged.com Marketing Software - Make $$$ daily marketing on Tagged.com - Taggeddominator

  7. X

    Does Anyone Knows How To Spam On Tagged Without Getting Your Account Cancel

    Does Anyone Knows How To Spam On Tagged Without Getting Your Account Cancel
  8. X

    Always get Banned on Tagged, Help!!

    I Always get banned on tagged, does anyone know how to spam message on tagged without getting your account cancel
  9. SocialAccounts

    High Quality Services of Bulk Facebook PVA, Facebook Phone Codes & Forwarded Emails

    After giving freebies to this great forum, finally I am here to sell my services. And my all services are with of highest quality for sure. I am here to sell services regarding Facebook, Tagged, Tumblr and Yahoo and many more. Below are my service fee.. Facebook Service : If you are looking for...
  10. J


    How can bypass the limit on meet me?
  11. xXKpuTuKXx

    About Tagged.com

    Hello guys! I am just curious is tagged still good place where to get traffic? Was trying to put link to my site but cant Is there any ways how to do it?
  12. T

    Make keyword,keyword,keyword....from Google Keyword tool

    You can easy add tags to your wordpress,forum...fast How to use:: Firstly,You copy list ideas from Google keyword tool, click "Keyword,keyword,keyword..." button It will convert this list to format: keyword,keyword... Demo Video: Download Virus total Dont forget to say...
  13. N

    Tagged Bots - FriendAdder, Mailer...

    Just released some new bots to the public for free. Check them out & share comments & other bots you would like coded. http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/member-downloads/207435-get-tagged-traffic-bots-v2-new-june2010.html
  14. A

    Help~Clickable links in message on Tagged

    Hi guys, I don't know how to make my links clickable when i send messages on Tagged. I use FriendsAdderElite as a tool for sending msgs and when I copy/paste the msg manually the link is clickable but when the tool sends the links are not clickable. any ideas ? thanks
  15. A

    making money with tagged accounts

    hi all, this thread is more of a question really, would anyone on the forum be intrested in buying tagged accounts with friends if i were to offer them for sale? i have been making quite good money with tagged accounts for a while now i have been doing this buy adding banners\links on...
  16. D

    Are tagged accounts worth money?

    As the title says, are tagged accounts worth money? I currently have a tagged account with 20,000 friends Im just wondering if its actually worth anything? Thanks
  17. D

    Tagged Account Maker??

    Is there currently a tagged account maker?? Would be helpful Thanks
  18. N

    My Tagged Bots

    Basically i have coded the following bots for the social network site tagged.com: Friend Adder (Bypasses 200 per day limit through exploit) Commenter (Load Id's, Write comment inc HTML / Send) - 200 per day Mailer (Load Id's, Write Message, Send) - 200 per day Group Inviter (Load Id's, put in...
  19. K

    HQ Twitter, Facebook, Outlook, Yahoo & etc social accounts, many A++ reviews!

    PVA Facebook.com: 50 accounts =40$ 100 accounts = 65$ 500 accounts= 300$ 1000 accounts= 450$ PVA outlook.com: 100 accounts = 15$ 500 accounts= 60$ 1000 accounts= 100$ PVA yahoo.com: 100 accounts = 15$ 500 accounts= 60$ 1000 accounts= 100$ PVA aol.com: 100 accounts = 15$...
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