1. imccafey

    Best drawing tabs?

    What are some of the good quality drawing tabs within a low price range? I'm seeing a lot of people are using WACOM nowadays
  2. P

    Where do I start?

    Loving the fact I have Internet, But I made sure I can only surf, I can't watch videos on this tablet device not enough mb usage which is great now I can just read and write with no distraction I'm ADD when Facebook or YouTube comes into the equation. I will use this device just to write...
  3. coachw1

    How to make a 'feedback' tab?

    I'm trying to find the easiest/most efficient way to make one of those fancy floating feedback tabs on the side of my websites/blogs. I'm sure we've all seen them by now. There's one on the left side of bukisa dot com Some companies make them - including setster and get satisfaction...
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