1. Jolie-InstaMator || Instagram Android Phone Automation System

    Jolie-InstaMator || Instagram Android Phone Automation System

    Jolie-InstaMator | Instagram Real Device automation system. Automate Official instagram application
  2. M

    help me to learn "Cars system development"

    Hello, I'm new in this forum. I'm searching for learning "cars system development". Someone help me with resources (videos, books...) ? plz plz plz help !!!!
  3. F

    Need system/software for improving Alexa rank

    I need someone who researches to find the system/software/tricks that websites like alexarankboostup, improvealexaranking, rankstore, etc. use to improve Alexa rank of websites fast and from 999K to 1K and even without sending visible traffic. You can also let me know if you can make a software...
  4. KJREDDY247@

    My router just got blasted and CPU got some smoke

    This shit happened just now After a sudden power fluctuation my router just got blasted and don't know what the fuck was happened My cpu was connected through ethernet and after a while i tried to turn on my cpu its not working This shit happened in this lockdown time And the worst thing I...
  5. SEOWorlock

    I need Exai developers/designers

    I need Exai CMS developers/designers for my projects. Im willing to pay a lot about 1k per month,i you know to work on Exai CMS.
  6. brownrider

    What do I do with a couple of Microsoft courses

    Hi. I've got a couple of expensive Microsoft courses. Both cost at least a $1k each when acquiring. I won't name them to avoid this looking like a sales thread. I just want to know if I should create a sales thread here on bhw, setup a Jv thread (I'm short of ideas on this) or set up a udemy...
  7. Veil123

    ★SEOGen★ All-In-One SEO System - AI Powered!

  8. stromind

    Kernel Panic issue.

    i have centos 7 installed on my VPS when I rebooted I got a Kernel panic. i don't want to take any risk by doing anything wrong because I don't want to lose my data. Please, anyone, can guide how do I recover from Kernel Panic?
  9. hacko

    Create Simple Money Making Systems With Project Management Tools

    It puzzles me when I see people trying to multitask and constantly fail and end up burnt out and miserable. If you have a proven way of making money, why would you do that to yourself? You don't get VERY rich by simply being active, doing every little task yourself, or even "working your ass...
  10. Krizzies

    Instagram system {searching}

    Sorry for my bad English, im from Holland so sorry. Im searching for a system , (FREE plz) where people can login. IF they login, i can use their accounts to automatic send likes to people. Like a SMM panel. So people login. I have a system, with a field for ''LINK" , ''QUANTITY '' , ''SEND...
  11. worgenprise

    what language should i learn for cyber security ?

    hey guys i'd to know what's the best language of programming to protect myself against cyber attacks and learn how to find vulnerabilities in my system
  12. P

    $20 gift card to sign up to on an adult site and trick their system

    I will give my $20 visa gift to the person who can to sign up to a certain adult website and redeem the freebie offered by the website. The adult websites gives new users a free spending amount when they input certain information. (valid credit card number with at least a $10 balance) They do...
  13. jack_kuli

    Provide [FREE] 100 - 200 Instagram Likes or Views. Thanks a lot !

    Hello everyone ! Currently , we are in the process of testing the new IG system with safe methods and fast. Therefore, we will free 100-200 Instagram Likes OR views to all members. Just send me links and current of likes / views . The remaining work is our and will let you know after...
  14. shimi

    YOUTUBE PAGE 1 in 1 MINUTE! - 7 REAL PROOFS! You MUST this tool!

    (Dear BHW reader :) , in this BST post I sell 2 products (1) Easytube (2) Youtube Rank Tester, so in beginning I explain about Easytube, then after about Youtube Rank Tester) Product 1 - Easytube: Oh... again you work hard and create videos but these videos didn’t rank in YouTube´s first...
  15. Rosath

    [SPOON FED] How I Make $300 a Day as a Total Noob - No Internet Marketing Skills Required

    It's finally here! >> CLICK HERE TO GRAB THE EXACT SAME CASH MACHINE THAT MAKES ME $300 A DAY << Got a question? You can send me a PM, ask in the thread or send me an email at support(AT)ultimateproductmonster(DOT)com/b/46483/208945/99"] >> CLICK HERE TO GRAB THE EXACT SAME CASH MACHINE...
  16. CashMoneyMantra

    Operating System for Anonymity and BH Work?

    Hello everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I felt this was the winner between here, proxies and programming. I'm looking for an operating system that allows me to create profiles, basically. Each one with it's own assigned private proxy, list of accounts and MAC address. I'm not...
  17. F

    Very Important Suggestion

    Can you please add a thing in the anti-spam thing where it tells us what parts of it we can't post! Its super annoying when I make a long article, and then can't post it, and I can't figure out what is wrong so I end up never posting it, PLEASE integrate this into your system!
  18. M

    Escape Youtube spam syste

    Hello guys. I searched this blog for similar threads but i they are all outdated. I have been using manual youtube spamming to advertise for about 5 months and ive been doing great, earned almost 3k. The problem started a week ago when my comments started to dissapear after an 2-3 hours. I...
  19. M

    How can sugest me about program project?

    Dear everybody Happy Holidays, I want to know if it possible is to made a system behind my website, that allows to make music online.. With some plugins and tools? And what is the best language to code this idea? Thanks a lot...
  20. B

    Free Online System That Works

    This is a free online system that works. Its super easy to do. It has its own training videos within the program when you start. You can earn money 3 different ways.
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