1. fastlinks

    5 million Ezinearticlx + 130k Spinrewritex synonym waiting for a business idea

    I have done scraped 5 million ezinearticles from over 260 sub categories. data come with: - title - article - author - upload date - category - meta keyword plus, done scraped over 130k unique synonym from high quality content spinner system. These data already seat on my hard drive for...
  2. F

    synonym tool for shopping website

    My shop is Magento with 1000 products. I exported that 1000 products in a CSV file. Now I would like to modify 1000 products title,description etc.. with in one minute. That means one button is clicked then all content has been rewritten. Is there any synonym rewrite tool for me? thanks.
  3. BallsLikePlanets

    Google synonym vs actual word

    So Google shows results with a synonym of the search and not just the actual word. Does google still prefer the exact word though or does it literally give zero fucks? i.e When creating two articles 'top kitchen oven' and 'best kitchen oven' are they gonna be the same thing to google because...
  4. S

    Autoblogging - What makes a good content generator?

    My first post here.. I'm new to the SEO game, and see it as a good challenge. I am currently taking a more CompSci approach to autoblogging; instead of using wordpress plugins, I am building scripts to sit on a separate server which can managed multiple autoblogs from the same place My...
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