1. simonbrep

    Just switched to SociSynd after using Synnd - any thoughts?

    Synnd was so easy to use, but it kept getting bugs and i didn't seem to be getting anywhere with support, so i just switched to SociSynd, it's cray simple to use and you can host a lot os Social Networking accounts - anyone have any thoughts on SociSynd or if there is a better automated system...
  2. mrbeej

    Anyone using or has used Synnd?

    Anyone using or has used Synnd before? I am not sure whether to stay on with them or not.... perhaps I just have not used the service properly or to it's fullest, I have over 6000 credits and not sure what to do with them all, because to be honest I have not seen too many great results (and yes...
  3. Rubix101

    Automate Synnd Jobs - Testers needed

    Hi guys, I'm very new here so please forgive me if i post this in the wrong section. Slap me on the wrist if need be. I've been working on an app I call AutoSynnd that will basically log into your Synnd account and click on all the Bookmarking and Voting jobs for you. For those not...
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