1. CyberCommander

    Good plattform for real swiss user traffic?

    Hi guys Does anyone know a good plattform which you can buy a lot of real user traffic from Switzerland?
  2. B

    Datacenter Proxies in Switzerland

    Hey there, I‘m trying to createsome datacenter proxies, and am relatively new to the scene so I don‘t have a big understanding about it yet. Now I‘ve read through a few articles and blogs but still would appreciate some specific advice / help. Now I‘m looking for proxies for a swiss site that...
  3. surfkid

    Hello BHW

    Hey, Im surfkid! Glad i found this place, got reffered to come here a lot, and im looking forward for some interesting cooperations. Basically im running multiple PHP List Email servers, and im looking for Campaigns. The irony is, that i barely know HTML, and a friend "gifted" me this...
  4. surfkid

    Looking for Switzerland (CH) Campaigns (no adult content)

    Hey guys, I also use this post as a small introduction,looking forward to get in contact with some of you. Im running PHP List Email servers and i have singele opt in Adresses in: Switzerland Austria Germany Canada France Sweden Spain UK Im looking for pay per click campains mainly in...
  5. FullRack

    Offshore VPS hosting in Switzerland | VMware-powered | Full SSD | 10 Gbps port | Privacy protection

  6. D

    Going To Lugano, Switzerland in August. Check Out My Outfit!

  7. Start Earning

    SMM Panel that uses European accounts?

    I have no problem finding SMM providers that use Indian, Indonesian, Brazilian, Turkish, Russian, heck even American accounts. Some seem to have a mixture of European accounts. But I need central European. German-language area and Polish. Any idea who offers that?
  8. Svetlana Vorobyova

    Hey Guys! "Mobtika" is here :)

    Hi All! I represent direct mobile content advertiser "Mobtika" and I'm proud to offer you our own CPA/CPL campaigns. We are looking for both non-incentivized / incentivized traffic in CH, GR, IE, FI, ZA. Don't hesitate to push me by email ([email protected]). Let's skyrocket mobile content!
  9. blackhatgorilla

    Hi there everyone

    First I was a Visitor, now i'm one of you, great seo forum, nice threads, i hope to find new people and partnerships from arround the world, i speak german, english and croatian / serbian / bosnian. best regrads!
  10. D

    SEO on Targeted market in Switzrland

    I need SEO help with my online fragrance store in a new targeted market for fragrance(perfumes). I have done everything and can't get a hold of the USA market and did some research and Now need to target the English/french and the German customers in Switzerland .....I need help!!! I can do. I...
  11. T

    TorShield.com - Up to $16 per sale, Swiss BitTorrent VPN affiliate programme

  12. B

    High Bounce-Rate with Acai and Teeth Whiteners in Germany

    Hey guys. Does or did anybody try to promote the acai berries or any teeth whitening products in a german speaking country such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland? I've got enough traffic on these pages, 50% from PPC and 50% SEO. Every 5th person that hits the merchants LP tries to sign up...
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