1. M

    Time to get on FIRE!

    Hi Folks! Nice to have you here :D. Feel free to follow my Instagram journey, I think this will motivate me even more to update my journey every day here on BHW. My goal is to get around 10K followers before this year is over. It may sound a little for somebody but I want to start small from...
  2. markppcwizard

    Hi Everyone

    Does anyone have legit Swedish traffic for sale?
  3. O

    Need help managing social media bots ASAP! Anyone in Sweden?

    Hey fellow members! I need help with handling a bunch of bots ASAP. We're a startup in Stockholm and we need help with setting up and managing a bunch of social media bots, mainly on instagram, but also on other platforms. We are looking to hire someone to either manage or help us manage the...
  4. F

    Need casino links Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Japan

    Hi, I am looking for guest posting for casino links. Countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Japan DR30+ Organic traffic 1000+ Sites with gambling and business/finance/general related content Please respond via PM. Thank you!
  5. B

    Looking for: Finland and Sweden backlinks and content writers

    Hello people of BHW, I am looking for backlinks from websites in Finland and Sweden. Also looking for Finnish and Swedish content writers. If someone could provide me with websites in Finland and/or Sweden that would be willing to host backlinks to casino/gambling/betting sites, please...
  6. miniblicher

    Google Ads Gambling in Sweden

    Hi, I had some ads running for a online Casino in Sweden. But because of the new rules in Sweden Google only allow state owned casinos to advertise through them. We got license and everything, we are just not state owned. Anyone know if they are going to open up for other advertisers. Or any...
  7. D

    Need someone from Sweden

    I need guy,girl who knows swedish and little about seo and google ads.I look for long term work remotely.3-4 hours per day.Starting fee is 400$ whith possibility late to be increased.
  8. D

    Some one from Sweden (500$)

    I seek guy or girl from sweden or at least to know Sweden language and Google ads. I seek on long term period to work remotely with my team.Starting salary is 500$ and how we progress I will increase it.
  9. xricex

    Hej from Sweden.

    Hey Strangers, I look forward to learning, earning, and sharing on this platform. Cheers, Mr. E.
  10. J

    Swedish business developer - saying hi!

    Hi Guys, My name is Johan and im from Sweden. I have a bachelor in ecenomics with focus on business developement and marketing. If you need a guy in Sweden or thinking about targeting the Swedish market in any way, don´t hesitate to dm me. Right now i´m focusing on Social Media and Local...
  11. Ernestismyname

    Betting $100 on Sweden vs Germany!

    I'm from Sweden so this match means a lot to me. That's why I'll be betting $100 on Sweden defeating Germany. If I win I'll make back $750. Wish me luck!
  12. martinovich

    [WTB] Need GUEST Posts in TRAVEL niche websites in - co.uk;.es;.de;.se - domains.

    Hello. Looking for GUEST Posts TRAVEL niche websites in domains - co.uk;.es;.de;.se ! GUEST Posts in: 1) UK domains (co.uk) 2) SPANISH domains (.es) 3) GERMAN domains (.de) 4) SWEDEN domains (.se) About domains: 1. Must be registered in its COUNTRY domain register. 2. Must be relevant with...
  13. G

    No FB ads for Casino in Sweden?

    Hello guys, I'm trying to do a competitive analysis about Casinos in Sweden but I don't see any ads with my VPN. Even my friend there who has clicked on ads, liked whatever he could doesn't see anything. I've read, I can't remember where, that casinos were run by the government there. That...
  14. methos

    Is there any Sweden citizen in this forum ?

    Hello,, Good morning Looking for a Sweden citizen here with us in this forum, i'm traveling to Sweden soon so i have some questions for him :) Please add me skype : methos_11 Thanks
  15. zebjo

    Any local Sweden IM's here?

    Hey, everyone! We are an e-commerce project (coupon aggregator) entering the Swedish market? Although a lot of work is done on technical and content aspects of our sites - we have some difficulties with off-site optimization. So, I would like to reach out to all with working experience on the...
  16. 2happy2healthy

    Looking for Sales People to join our e-Commerce team

    Hello, Do you have proven sales success? Do you love making customers happy? Are you e-commerce/online savvy? If you answered yes to all of the above, then we'd love to talk to you. We are looking for a motivated Online Sales Professional to join us. Candidates must be from Sweden or...
  17. A

    hosting in Sweden

    Hi Guys, I'm going to setup a site in Sweden, while living in the warm aussie heat :D . hosting providers in Sweden . Can anyone recommend me one ?
  18. S

    Looking for someone who can get me real Swedish Facebook accounts

    Hello, do you got or can get Real Swedish facebook account with real profile image and real friends so send me a PM with little more info about Amount of friends, how many pictures and how old the account is and how much you want for the account. Thank you.
  19. A

    Legal questions - Sweden

    First of all, I would just like to say hello since this is my first post on this awesome forum and I am looking forward to expanding my knowleding regarding internet marketing :rolleyes: But I have some questions concering the laws, taxes and such. I currently live in Sweden, where the taxes...
  20. S

    Looking for SWEDISH Article Writer - 10 to 15 Articles about "Tapet" and "Tapeter"

    i, if you are from Sweden and can write quality Articles that is suited for website then this is for you. All articles must be unique and pass CopyScape. All articles must be minimum 500 words. All articles must contain a keyword desinty of 2-3% All articles must be SEO optimized...