1. InnovativeSEO

    Custom Program a Drone (Home Security/Surveillance)

    I'm wanting to add a drone to my home security & surveillance project, and wondering who here might have some experience in this area. What I want: A quality drone that has live HD video/nightvision & camera with 360 degree view. Drone to run surveillance routes on a schedule (Example: 5...

    Big Brother is WWWatching You

    Robert Foster is a genius !! Watch this: BTW: the fact that RT supports this makes me support RT. Subscribed
  3. A

    Privacy Erosion Continues....

    The United Kingdom is now one of the top threesurveillance countries in the world. Third only to China and Russia!! There's an interesting film coming out about a guy who goes into hiding and has the top private detectives 'hunting him down', when all they have is his name. More info at...
  4. ProjectV

    Great website about Web surveillance/security laws

    All, I've been reading the site for about a month and a half now and think this is a great community and proud to be a part of it, so here is the my initial/thank you share. I see a lot of back and forth going on in posts regarding the legality/legal implications of a lot of different...
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