1. S

    Application for accounts with WS/DS supplier

    Hello , Im aiming to do Wholesale/dropship globally on marketplaces + my own online store For that Im wondering about the process of applying to accounts with suppliers (including brand suppliers) 1. Will i need a legal entity in each country and seller permit the suppliers are in (ex LLC for...
  2. IamNRE

    [GET] The Secret Merchants List of Over 2000 Dropshippers & Amazon FBA Suppliers Based in The US

  3. M

    Dropshipping Suppliers

    Hello everyone, Could anyone help me find verified suppliers/agents for dropshipping to the US. Is SaleHoo, CJ actually work properly? I look forward to your response. Thanks
  4. kasparov

    Printify Suppliers | Your opinion / story / experience

    What's your experience with Printify's suppliers? Name any of them and your experience, i would like to hear some of you to make a final decision . I've heard some mixed opinions in the last 10 days around the web , for the moment OPT Ondemand seems a good option to me .
  5. FrankyOne

    Piracetam: trusted European supplier

    Hello gents, I wanted to build a stack and noticed that piracetam is not available in my country through most of the sites I know. Can somebody recommend me a reputable supplier in Europe? Kind Regards, Franky.
  6. seojen

    Cheap Dropship Automation Software

    Hi guys, I just want to get started with dropshipping, I want to set up the first site. Where do I get US based suppliers ? What is the most affordable software for data feed automation ? Anyone with some experience to share their tips? Thanks.
  7. vedeus

    Suppliers with shipping (2 to max 14 days)

    Hello wise people, I'm looking for some supplier websites, maybe services, that are shipping products in 2 - 14 days. Best would be if based in the US. I know how to find on Aliexpress suppliers that ship with Epocket but it's still 14-25 days which is a lot + there are some suppliers from US...
  8. D

    New to this, Hello world!!

    Hi community, Im new to your forum, and expect to learn a lot from you guys. Im a new drop shipping, im in the process of building my own website. So i believe that there always a way to become financially free in this world. So i tried a couple of platform or entrepreneurs. I want to have an...
  9. LeftyLuke

    Sourcing competitor suppliers

    Hi All, Dont know if this is the right place to post but: I own a webshop in apparel and have had some trouble with finding the right suppliers for a new product on alibaba, without spending too much on research & development and shooting arrows hopefully landing on the right supplier I found...
  10. UniQuE7

    Finding Dropshipper's or Connects. Any Success?

    I was looking threw google and Facebook and stumbled upon this website. I wanted to know from fellow blackhater's here, does anyone have any experience with this website? And if so how does it mainly work to order from supplier's? Have been trying to find Suppliers...
  11. James Owens

    Looking for someone to teach me how to find good products and suppliers for ebay!

    I'm willing to pay a few hundred dollars to anyone who knows how to find products that sell well on ebay. All free ideas are welcomed as well so feel free to drop all your suggestions. This opportunity if mostly for the highly experienced ebay sellers. I already have 6 stealth accounts ready...
  12. F

    Drones Dropshipping suppliers

    Hi, im launching a drones online store soon. Im planning on dropshipping the drones and will be using aliexpress, dhgate and banggood. I want to know if anyone could provide me with other quality drone suppliers that are based in Europe, UK or other parts of the world apart from China.
  13. vermillion

    dropshipping from U.S. SUPPLIERS walmart, toysRus, target, etc.

    I'm new to the dropshipping world. My question is this: is it legal to dropship products from places like walmart, toysRus, & target to your own shopify store so you can provide faster shipping times to your customers? Also, this would bypass the hassle of trying to do a return to a chinese...
  14. H

    looking for US suppliers

    Hi guys most of the US retailers, I know personally, provide products which are made in China, but the customer usually complain about the bad quality, and end up returning them to the seller. I'm looking for the US retailers that provide ORIGINAL GOOD QUALITY products thank you
  15. Ksenos

    Ebay Australia Dropshipping from AU suppliers

    Hello people. I am an dropshipper using US suppliers. Wondering if expanding into using AU suppliers is a good idea. All I know is Australian Amazon cannot be used. Anyone any clues? P.S. I can't PM yet. Thank you, greetings from Greece
  16. G

    100% original Desigual Ladies Tops available for reselling!!! Huge Margin!!!

    Hello friends, I'm G.Pradeep from India. I'm having 8000 desigual ladies tops which are 100% original. If you are interested ping me Skp: pradeephuggy. Thankyou.
  17. Nirman95

    Need! Worldwide Drop-Shippers - Branded Item (Perfume, Earphone, Blu-ray Films, Game Disk)

    I'm newly Started online selling. then I want Genuine branded items, worldwide drop shipping suppliers for Branded Perfume, Earphone, Blu-ray Films, Game Disk Specifically, Perfume Chanel Gucci Paco Rabanne ( One Million ) Tom Ford Earphones Apple Earpods Monster Beats by Dr. Dre (...
  18. M

    [NEEDED] Suppliers & Manufacturers

    I am looking to start a grocery store within my local community. I'm looking for suppliers and manufacturers with competitive prices so that way I can compete with the corporate counter parts (Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, etc.) So basically I'm looking for grocery goods and other goods that can be...
  19. I

    Any dropshippers who can supply authentic luxury watches?

    Hello, I am starting a website that is going to sell luxury watches. Is there any dropshippers who can offer this? Please pm me:)​
  20. B

    Huge dropshipping project. Sellers and suppliers needed.

    Hey all BHW dropshippers! I have this huge project I want to start working on. Looking for long term clients. Sellers and suppliers needed. I will explain all on this thread, and if any questions please pm me. So I have 2 postings on here. Maybe 3, not sure so sorry for one more. The reason of...
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