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  1. Frostern

    Microworkers for YouTube Ranking & Suggested videos???

    Are there people in here who had experience with microworkers, who view your video, like and comment on it? If the retention of these views are high, could it happen that the video appears as a suggested video?
  2. B

    Did i just hit the jackpot on youtube suggested video tab

    Hi guys.. i am little suprised... Recently i have uploaded a video on my channel.. while i was reading recieved comment from people on my videos.. i have observe one thing youtube is suggesting/recommeding my 10 video's on suggestion tab i am still confuse, how come that's possible? does any...
  3. Cyberars

    [NEW] NRV™ - Niche Related Views - YouTube Views from Suggestions & Search Terms of Relevant Niche

  4. equinoctial

    How To Get Suggested After Any Video On YouTube [Help Please]

    Hi! I have a growing youtube channel that recently had a boom on september 29. When I checked what was going on I saw that 90% of the views came from suggested videos 9.000-10.000 views just from one video. I just want to know how can I get suggested after a video (automatically starts playing...
  5. U

    The key to suggested video placement isn't retention....

    People are hung up on 'retention' when it comes to Youtube. You see it in the advertisements for people selling views all the time 'high retention views', but that is actually a smaller part of what determines a video's suggested video placement. Through the many conversations I have had with...