1. henryhuy

    [Help] Generate subtitles for any video

    I have some videos ( course ) and I want to subtitle them by automatic ( for English or any Langue input.) I found only the script Autosub can do that but it's somethings wrong. Can you plz help advise me some software / tool name ? thanks !
  2. Adam Xtubeage

    [Giveaway] Adding Subtitles To Your Youtube Videos

    Hello, This is my first giveaway thread here. As title says if you need to add subtitles to your Youtube videos then you can send it to me and i will add them ( 2 videos per member). Requirements: - Videos must be in English Language - Videos must be hosted on Youtube. (tutorials, explainer...
  3. Halil keser


    I am creating movie streaming website and in need of guidance. 1. What video players are you using for multiple subtitles available ? I want like English, Spanish, Turkish and off choices to user, ı use grifus theme but nothing there about subtitles. I guess it is all about player. Can you...