submitter software

  1. K

    Is there any High DA profiles submitter worth recommendation?

    Hi, I'm looking for just High DA profiles submitter that can register on sites like ted, wordpress, gravatar etc. and post my backlinks. In the past, I was using software from BHW user @iam_ironman sale page but he completely abandoned this project and not providing any updates for months. His...
  2. callmemaximillian

    Up To Date Form Autofill Software?

    Hello, I read through the forum, but couldn`t find information about the up to date software that could help me autofill forms on different websites. I mean, I would like to add my website to different "niche" directories and citations, so software should be semi-automated because a lot of...
  3. SEOmate

    How-to you use CAPTCHA solving services and not to get ruined?

    I'm just trying make the point, correct me if I'm wrong. As we all know, there are at least two ways to solve CAPTCHAS 1. OCR 2. human-powered recognition services The first option is usually lifetime licensed software that you purchase once and then use it with your solutions. This way, your...