stumbleupon friend adder

  1. figgity

    Anybody need a StumbleUdon invite?

    Here you go: If you need an extra StumbleUpon friend, add me, nick= jonesprfirm StumbleUdon allows you to get free stumbles on your sites. Later, figgity
  2. E

    Increase your StumbleUpon Friends

    Some of you might (or might not) know that having more friends on your stumble account increases the influence of your account, which leads to more traffic to every one of your stumbles. We all know that SU brings some great traffic to quality content, so it's only beneficial to make sure your...
  3. nova

    Stumblebot update

    A lot of you guys are PM'ing me about the trial version giving you captcha errors. Well that's because stumbleupon seems to have changed their code a bit. A new release has been uploaded ver 1.6 that fixes. So please download and install the trial again, the download link remains the same...
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