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    Can someone tell me steps that I'd need to take to start an anime streaming site?

    I'm not clear about how to embed my videos or upload my video on the website. How can I get anime episodes on my website? would I need a video hosting? are there free video hosting and from what I've read, I can use others' uploaded video on their server and embed them on my website how does...
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    [Question] Movie streaming site

    Hello, Will I have any law problems if I don't upload the movies to my hosting? What would you advise me to do? If the topic isn`t on the right section, please move it. Thanks!
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    My movie streaming Journey in (2019)

    Hi, now Google does not like streaming movie sites, the question is how to get traffic from there? whether there are many ways to promote or something else, I will be grateful for all your advice. I create a new website+offshore hosting using Toroplay theme and I upload 50 movies + I embedded...